Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spooky Shirt

Yes this is a cheap ploy for you all to buy a T-shirt I designed:-) Every year Southeastern Greyhound Club hosts a "Greyfest" and this year it falls on October 31 so I got to design a logo with a Halloween theme. Greyfest is a day of fun for greyhounds and their owners-games, contests, shopping and more!

I'm very happy with how it came out:-) The design can be purchased on anything Cafepress offers- shirts, cards, bags etc and of course the proceeds benefits greyhounds! I need to have mine printed up with just the words Spooky on it for my late greyhound...

I thought this pic was funny, good ol Limo. I've stayed true to Lester's retirement he's just a pasture/barn ornament now. He's getting his fuzzy fall coat in so he's been an itchy boy. He LOVES to be groomed and will stand all day for a curry comb. I'm glad he enjoys it and isn't a typical thin skinned TB that doesn't like it.

Is it wrong of me to be sorta glad when Less is moving funny? I still think he's comfortable enough, but there is just something def' off about him. It's just much easier to stay off of him when I see that things aren't right. He still runs and plays and of course looks pretty fine, but so does my friend's dog that has a spinal injury- you can't tell anything is wrong with her until you see her walk.