Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Fall

Isn't he handsome? :-) And to think it's only been 5 months since I almost lost him? :-( I still can't believe how lucky we are and have been. Since Lester's surgery I have had 2 online friends lose their horses to a similar colics:-( It's just such an unpredictable sickness. I know he could colic any day, any time, as he's at a higher risk to do so now, but I am so thankful for the time we've been given back, no matter how long. I really try to let the little things go now and just enjoy him. Unfortunately he thought he was "retired" and resents the little work I ask him to do :-p But he and I are both out of shape and getting fat and that just can't happen. So I gave him a wake up call and reminded him that he can still be a fancy dressage pony. In my plight to decided whether to keep riding him or not I've allowed him into a bad habit of stopping before we get to a turn, and boy did he catch on to that quick! I really didn't want him to do a lot of circles and he agreed:-p
Now it wouldn't be Lester if he didn't try and eat the tree, right? He's not the best "subject" when it comes to taking photo's outside of his stall- too many things he could eat and he gets distracted easily. But I did manage to snap a few good ones before he went looking for food...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chiropractor Visit....

Last week I had the chiropractor/ massage/ saddler fitter lady, Vicky out to see Lester. He's been really stiff lately and not a whole lot of fun to be on so I thought it was time for another adjustment, and I also thought he was probably "out of whack" from having surgery, but no, he wasn't sore in any of the places one might think he'd be... but he was of course sore and stiff in his right shoulder. This time she used the tool you see to the right, something about moxa and burning it and then rubbing it on any sore spots. Man, Lester loved it! Totally relaxed, rested a foot, head low and basically falling a sleep.... she adjusted his shoulder, poll, jaw but that was all that needed to be done. I wish I had brought my camera, I've always wanted to get a video of the whole chiro thing. She also suggested that I put a heating pad on his lower back and hip area for about 20 mins prior to riding, to get that part of him really loosened up and maybe he will be more keen on using himself back there. Right now he throws most of his weight into that right shoulder:-/

Friday, October 5, 2007

We Cantered:-)

Anyone that knows Less' history knows what a big feat that is, colic surgery or not! Less has a bad right stifle. Apparently he was born with an indention on the tibia that over the course of his life has rubbed all the cartilage away, leaving the joint to be bone on bone:-( He was always NQR in the hind end and until 2 years ago we were never able to pin point it. The joint has been injected twice with that big "H" word I can't remember and a steroid. The first injection gave us 3 solid months of sound work, we were "back"! But slowly his NQRness began to show up again. The tripping, the "losing" of his hind end and being very short on the right front. 2nd injection I "used" up slower and did less with him hoping it would last longer, but it didn't really.
I'm lucky that Lester puts up with me. I go through phases in my riding where I want to be completely done to- no we aren't done, we can still do this. Bottom line now is I just try to appreciate him more than ever and that includes asking for a little work out of him;-)
I have gone back and forth on "what" should I ask him to do for years now- let him putz around and walk, trot, canter how ever he pleases? Well that ended up in a lot of just unprepared spooks, not to mention I felt like I was on top of a brick. This lead to less riding and spending less time with him...which in turn made him take out the extra time and energy on his herd mates.
So after his surgery and NOT being able to ride him for an unknown amount of time, of course being told I couldn't, I couldn't wait to get back on him. I thought it was going to be 4 months, but it turned out to only be 2.
The first 2 months we only walked. Gradually I asked him for more of an engaged walk and lateral work to see what he could still do and build up his back end to help support his stifle. I also put back boots on him, in a way I kinda think it helps him "know" where and what his back end is doing. He rarely "loses" his hind end now, he is more likely to do so or trip when he's doing a free walk or airplane nose trot.
OH soooooooooooo back to last night's canter... I hadn't been on him in over a week due to him needing shoes, and he had a teary eye a couple of nights so he was feeling pretty good. I can tell he's bored with the same walk and little trot routine. He felt lose and fluid so I asked for the canter and he picked it up very nicely to the left, stayed very well behaved and controlled. We did about 3 20 meter canter circles to the left and then walked and trotted a little right and asked for the same. The canter depart to the right wasn't as nice as the left, but we got there and managed to canter a couple of circles. The whole time cantering I kept waiting for him to lose his hind end, but he didn't! He felt like a little TB ticking time bomb, but he was very good as I know he really did just want to explode. After that he really wanted to strut his stuff, but I called it a day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A True Auburn Fan...

If you read Lester's guestbook you would have seen that Dr. Hanson invited Lester to a football game a few weeks ago ;-) due to Lester's busy schedule he was unable to attend...but he would have loved the crowd and "field" I'm sure.

The UDbb SE Get Together- Sept. 15, 2007

I was so excited about the trotting we did that I forgot to post about the UDbb gathering.
Warning: Events posted on this blog may not always be in the order they happened!

My friend Rhonda from the UDbb took this photo (I just love it!) when some of the BBer's came out to meet the famous Mr. Lester:-) He of course didn't disappoint with his trick:-p

Lester being mobbed by his fan club:-) Everyone trying to get a piece of him.

It's great having a gathering of "horse people" because you can put them to work;-)

And here is the whole group that par took in the gathering...