Monday, June 30, 2008

There's a monster in my kitchen :-o

Bigfoot sighting... I'm kidding about the monster and bigfoot sightings:-)... but this Irish Wolfhound, Frank, is HUGE :-o and he's a "leaner" LMAO, sweet as can be too!Kadabra is in the running with another greyhound to possibly live with Frank. Potential adopters came to meet her yesterday and brought along their inside dog to make sure K's and Frank's personalities jived...I wish I had had my camera when they were playing - play bowing and loping around in the yard. She weren't skeer'd at all!
Man, if they don't adopt her I have the perfect title for her next blog post ;-) can anyone guess it??! LOL

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's not polite to slurp...

But's it's so freak'n cute when the pony does it:-) Course you'll have to have sound on to enjoy it, otherwise you just have to take my word for it;-)

During the summer he gets what I like to call "Equine Soup", I wet down his senior feed and beet bulp a lot. He's good about drinking, but ever since his bad colic I just feel like the more water in him the better:-) !

Vet comes out again on Monday to do some more flextion tests and figure out which way to go from there... I'm sad to say I don't think the BL Pellets/ Solution did a bit of good:-/ I put him back on "Supple Horse", a Chinese herb because I had some left over. I ordered some Arthrisoothe-Gold - Powder The sentence: "The best joint formula available for horses with severe joint problems." sucked me in :-p so we will see, at least it will be something again. To be honest I have had him off joint supps. for awhile and was just using the herb.

I haven't been on him since Monday and then we only walked. What's the point? Neither of us will enjoy it. I seriously could not turn him right without huge resistance:-( and I wasn't asking for small circles or tight turns either, we're talking VERY open rein. But he would grab the bit on the right side and turn left.

He's just lucky he's so frigg'n CUTE! :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pin the injection on the pony...

Well I think the injection of HA to his fetlock joint has worn off :-( Joint injections just don't seem to last long enough. I had his right stifle joint injected about 3 years ago and it only lasted 2 months. The one in the fetlock doesn't seem to have lasted even that long.
The first change I noticed after his fetlock injection was he was so WILLING to turn right and was so soft and supple in whatever I asked of him.
Slowly and surely he got more resistant to turn right:-( He just doesn't want to and sometimes it takes all my strength in my right arm to turn him. The difference I feel is like day and night, and we're back on the dark side again:-( He's so trippy again in the hind end. He stays braced in his neck for the most part and his "nervous- on edge" behaviour is back.
The vet said it's too soon to inject his fetlock again, but he said we could do his right knee. I also think about getting him back on Adequan or Legend shots. I also think about not riding him anymore. Guess it depends on the day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After our Dear Spooky passed on in Feb. Matt and I decided to become greyhound foster parents. At first I didn't want to think about greyhounds or ever consider getting another one:-( Spooky was my one and only heart dog. I miss her so much it still hurts like hell most days.
So there is no better time to foster then when you are still nursing your wounds from a recent loss. It allows you to help a hound in need without "failing" your foster role and adopt the hound yourself, so I say, but this one, Kadabra is our 3rd since March.
The SEGA adoption org. has a blog for every available hound, such a great idea! Anyway her blog is if you want to keep tabs on her ;-) I just ask that you don't comment on her blog, I know it's hard! :-) but comment here all you like!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gelding and the Tramp...

All that was missing were some candles and an accordion player :-p

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HollowMan & TurtleBarbie ride again...

My head has always stuck out like a turtle's. And I have Barbie arms, they don't bend. But check out my posture, it has improved:-) I have many faults, I know. I haven't had a dressage lesson in years:-( We don't show anymore so being "correct" isn't a real goal . He's been so light and soft in my hands that I have really welcomed it. I see now that he's extremely hollow through the back and not using much of himself. But that's OK by me. As long as he seems happy and doesn't wreck my back with his spooks or hanging on me then I'm happy:-)

So here we have piaffe, trotting in place:-) LOL, totally kidding, piaffe we wish, he's just stepping sideways at a walk.


see, Barbie arms, they just don't bend.


best example of my TurtleBarbieness

See I do ride! :-) Matt graciously took those photos a couple of Saturday's ago...I might not be(come) a Bridezilla, but I am a Photozilla for sure. Pics have to be perfect :-) The background, the timing - I become a director of my own little photo shoot and get Matt mad enough to almost quit. So then I have to beg him for just 100 more:-) Gotta love digital these days. So out of 170 photos taken that day those are the ones I liked for one reason or another.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Run Limo...Run!

Would anyone like to guess the speed at which the mighty Limo (click on her name to learn more about Limo) can run? She may be vertically challenged and get disqualified in "limbo" competitions at greyhound events (they said it wasn't fair since she was already so short), but she can run with the best of them:-) CHASE had a Blur of Fur fundraiser today at the farm and I let Limo run in it. When I signed her up and they asked me what breed she is was, I said a BasShitt:-)
Limo studying the lure...
checking out the competition (Blue the greyhound did kick her ass, but he did most every one's too, he ran at 41 mph)

getting her slip lead put on

being lead to the line (doesn't she look like a thoroughbred being lead to the starting box?:-)

She was so excited and I'm proud of her that she ran the whole thing, some of the dogs didn't finish and ran back to their mommies and daddies...

Video of Limo's run

oh she ran 30 mph. Matt and I are positive she can run faster with some more training! :-)

These are still shots from the video I liked.
Not bad for a mutant eh? :-)