Monday, December 21, 2009

Deal of the year!

I have an "online" friend that lives in NY that spotted these Ariat Hunter Zip Dress boots in a Vintage consignment shop and posted on her facebook page that she'd buy and ship them to whomever wanted them (paying her back of course)...lucky me was online at the time and they were my size :-o it's scary not trying on boots first before you buy them, but these boots are normally $380 and she found them for sale for $90 and they are BARELY even used! I couldn't pass it up.
The feet fit perfect, but I can only zip them when wearing my thinnest pair of breeches - I was hoping to pose in my $.01 Taylor Sportsman breeches I scored the year before, but they are too thick. The calves are gonna have to stretch out more before I can wear them with these boots.
I was so excited the day they came in the mail that I wore them back to work, it is the style after all right? Maybe this week I will actually get to try them out while riding.