Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adopted/ We failed :-)

Matt, Limo and I signed the adoption papers on Sunday and made Peanut a member of the fam. So now we have two dogs that nip at our heels... It's not love, yet. She just really "fit" into our home is all. I've really missed Spooky this week and I really miss riding Lester. Not "riding", but riding Lester.

It's been a stressful week with rain and trying to learn a new billing system for work- I usually catch on to things quick, but I just feel lost this time. I can't seem to do much right this week, I ordered dogfood last week and put the wrong street address, luckily it was only 5 houses down, but it just added to the load of stress already on me.

It was a fun weekend though. My sister, Jen, and our friend, Heather, came and stayed at my house on Saturday. It was a 9 bitch slumber party of horse movies,junk food and dogs. You can read more about the weekend on their blogs by clicking their names above:-)

Jennifer "Dog Whisperer"

Limo: "Toy Stealerer"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My friend's Harley

When I was driving to work yesterday I looked at my phone and saw that my friend from California had called me at 12:05 AM. The phone isn't our main form of communicating, but I didn't think much about it...I got to work and got an IM around 9 or so... she IM'd me to tell me Harley was gone:-( he had coliced, gas colic- and also had an obstruction in his intestines. :-( I'm so sad for her. My heart just sank when I read her words:-(
Harley was a gorgous dark bay as you can see, he was in his late teens (I think) when he passed, he had a great life and most of all a great mom that loved him so much....
I'm so sorry Pam, you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Am I failing?

Peanut will be our 4th foster dog, so at least we wouldn't be failed fosterers if we keep her -would that make our grade a "C" or "B-"?
Ms. Peanut seems to fit in pretty well. She still cries alot like a big baby and follows us incessantly around the house, but maybe that's what makes a good "farm dog".
She and Limo play rough and hard and Limo wouldn't want it any other way. They play chase, tug-o-war, keep away, face fight, roll on top of each other etc.

Peanut will plop down ANYWHERE and LOVES to be hosed off which are both good traits for a farm dog... she enjoys getting into the lake as well. It can be nice to have a dog that is self sufficient in the cooling off department.

I wouldn't feel too guilty keeping her, I mean she has some funny quarks, still cries alot and let's face it, she ain't the prettiest gal on the block:-) She has a tear on her ear, scars on each shoulder and some broken teeth. And thanks to Limo she may have a scared nose :-x But she is cute and soft and compact.

She's 5 years old and her face is already graying. She's not cat safe and I don't think she ever will be.

As a foster mom I'm usually better at updating the foster's blog, and this time I've just been blogging about her here;-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ha ha...Look what I have

My sis, Jen and her hubby Stephen (I call him Steve bc he loves that ;-) came down to the farm yesterday to hang out... She was playing fetch with her girl Reagan and when they were finished and Lim was finally let off lead she snuck up behind Jen and stole the toy! Jen tried to stop her, but Limo was too quick, LOL look at her face and ruffled "feathers". She then proceeded to run all over with it playing keep away...
My sweet little LimLim...just gotta (something) her.

I swear as she ran off you could hear her go "hee hee heee" Auntie Jen always has yummie treats in her pockets... my girls pick up on that fast, LOL.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Now what?

Don't worry, he's not having some neuro breakdown in this pic, he's just mad cuz I chased him off from grazing o:-) Well the boy can still buck and frolic in the turnout:-) course my dumb camera was "processing" during the huge bucks and rears...
Yesterday Dr. Matt came out and we did the neck x-rays and of course they showed nada :-/ We were both curious if we would see any arthritic changes that would indicate trauma from his past...I was hoping to find something, anything really. He told me to be satisfied with *that* and did not suggest by any means a milogram (putting him under and injection dye into his spine), my chat friend Sara also told me it's not worth it and makes the horse so ill:-( I guess if I wanted to know *something* a body scan is all that would be left, but then again that's just going to show his problem areas and we already have a pretty sure bet it's an old spinal injury of some sort...
Sometimes I 2nd guess my decision and think I can still get on him and ride lightly and then I remind myself that I have ridden him lightly for YEARS and that's an understatement. Up until last month he seemed pretty OK with anything I did with him... but the not wanting to turn right at all is what really bothered me...I mean it's one thing to be sore, but it's another to not be *able*... But as you can see the ManPony is pretty happy and healthy despite being a lame/ neurological mystery.
So I've kinda taken the month off, I've really just been showing up and feeding and turning out. I've trotted him in hand some here and there, but I think chasing him off his grazing duties will be the most fun for me and a good method of exercise for him. But I do find myself going "Now what"? alot.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Limo caught in the act!

The first shot was taken before we got Peanut... notice Matt's sandal next to her. *It* wasn't there when the camera was first turned on that day...through the day his sandal made several appearances -was carried in an out of view, thankfully there was no damage done to it. We also call this Limo's "Rat Pose". I love how her nose is longer than her front legs :-o

Then these were taken today... here we have Limo trying to steal Peanut's kong... she pawed and circled for a bit and finally gave up and went on the hunt for something else...
WTF?! :-o LOL, I saw her first laying on the couch, then "wake" up, look into the camera and climb up on the table! Thank gawd she left the bottle of Melatonin sitting on the table and wasn't up there long...