Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet CJ the lease horse

So CJ, aka Cody's Missfire arrived last Saturday. So much for my New Year's resolution of blogging more! We put him out with Lester and Fella and they have all done very well together. Lester hasn't bullied him too badly even though he is jealous and King of the pasture. CJ likes to stay to himself for the most part. He needs some weight and some muscle so we are just going to take it slow, but hey, that's what I'm best at- starting over and going slow... It might not look like it, but CJ is quite the mover. I will get some video of that soon. The first 2 days after he arrived the weather was cold and wet, not good camera weather. I've hopped on him twice since Saturday and he wants to be a little speed demon, but he half-halts well so no worries. He's an ex-eventer so was trained to go be very forward, I imagine he'll like a slower pace when he figures it all out. I kinda feel like this is where Less and I left off. I mean he's been out to pasture for a year and out of work, but knows his job and does lateral work. He's got such a baby face, you can't tell he's 17 can you?
Cody's Missfire got his name because his daddy, (Cody something) jumped the fence one day and bred a mare he shouldn't have. CJ is an Arabian-Paint cross, but I forget which parent was which.

Ya think Less is showing a bit of his jealous side? LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belated Xmas pics and Happy New Year!

I finally got some pics with the Santa hat on the Pigman:-) I really need to just accept the fact that I can get only 2 poses, well 3 out of the horse..."a grazing face plant", "forced hug" or the famous "begging/tongue" poses... he is the absolute worst model for anything else! But I do still love the impossible beast... he makes up for it in other ways like herding up his pasturemates and getting them to the gate when it's time. He's also the messiest horse when it comes to his stall, he doesn't care where his manure piles end and hay begins:-/ but the girl that does the stalls now said he makes up for that fact in personality alone, I'd have to agree:-) He is still the sweetest horse I have ever known.
So what are your New Year resolutions? I don't usually have any, but this year it's to ride more and keep a cleaner house (I know, stroke, huh) oh and be a better blogger-post/read/comment more! The Arabian, Basonge that I rode and posted about a few times was actually sold last month to a great home in Tennessee. But with new boots I had to find another mount so I will be leasing a horse soon...more to come on that:-)