Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, was anyone watching during the big fight?

We forgot to plug in Limo Cam this AM, but I went home for lunch and plug'd in around noon...let the dogs out, they had a fun time in the yard, came back in got a drink and went to the restroom... then all hell broke lose. I'm "sitting there" and all of a sudden I hear all this snarling and crying so I start screaming at the top of my lungs and run out to the living room to confront the fury...pants undone. I grab Peanut's collar and push, kick or pull Limo away as well. I have blood all over my arm. My first thought is that Pnut just attacked poor Limo, but that was short lived, I quickly realize that Pnut is the only one with injury. Thank gawd it's just some scratches and a couple of holes on her nose, nothing too serious:-( So did anyone see what happened and who started it? My guess is that Limo was sniffing around Pnut's crate for any leftovers and when Pnut came to see what she was doing Limo attacked her:-(

and to think they were playing so crazy cute just a few minutes before...their playing reminds me of how Spooky used to play with Limo, Rough n' Tumble :-) Limo has met her match as fair as play instigators go. I laughed when Limo was walking out of the kitchen last night and Pnut was nipp'n at her legs- something Limo does to everyone....
Limo wanted to show off her heart again, this time right side up...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My first blog award! :-)

Thank you from The Knuston Family for this lovely award!

There are also rules that go along with this award, and I copied then from Train Wrecks they are:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you think deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4. The award-winner and the one who has given the prize must show the link of the “Arte y
Some of the blogs that inspire me daily are:
Never Say Never Greyhounds...Great greyhound advice from my sis
The Equus about an OTTB and colic surgery survivor
thehorseshoeinghousewife...never a dull moment on this blog
GreytBlackDog... I know I "tagged" her and she ignored me:-p but she's got a great writing style
and last but not least! (Not Quite) Home on the Range ...she says I'm her 1st blogworld friend! Check out her new blog look

Monday, July 28, 2008

More on Lester

Lester had some visitors on Sunday, the family that adopted Kadabra. Dawn (mom) is like my
new best friend, we have much in common it's scary! It was great to see the whole family again with Kadabra/ Abby- they love her so much:-)

Less is so gentle with the younger ones. He holds his head low so they can pet him and even if they are holding treats he remains a gentleman. I have no worries letting anyone lead him, give them the basic rules of leading and off they go.
So now that I'm looking at these pics I'm kicking myself for not videoing Less walking up and down this hill just to see him go...

Saturday I talked to Dr. Matt and told him I wasn't going to be riding Less anymore. He sounded surprised, but agreed that I made a good decision because we still have no idea what's wrong with him. We both had very high hopes it was in the knee. But if is makes any sense I think each injection we gave him brought out the worst in him. Of course those particular joints moved and looked better, but overall he seemed to be worse and I think it's because he felt better and wanted to use himself correctly, but couldn't- does that make any sense? Dr. Matt is going to be xraying parts of his neck in the near future to see if we can see any arthritis.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding my decision and Lester in general:-) I promise to get his tongue trick on camera again soon:-p When I told Matt about my decision he said that maybe we could enter Lester in some grazing competitions:-)

Mistaken Identity...

We picked up a 5 yo greyhound named Go Peanut Go on Saturday to foster. We thought we were picking up a 3 yo named Wiki Onetime, but there was a mixup with paper work on 2 brindle females.
No worries, no credit cards were involved and both dogs are still in good credit standing. I'm still a bit confused on how the mix up happened, all I know is we got the big cry baby one :-p Seriously, Matt slept in the spare bedroom with a pillow over his head and I slept with protective ear muffs one would wear at a shooting range! There might be hope yet though. I took this first webcam shot about 8:30am, she was up and down, hollering, crying and panting... if you look closely you can see poor little Limo on the bed behind the cage (rolling her eyes).
Now if you were watching the cam about noonish Georgia time then you probably saw me standing in front of the camera- hopefully I didn't do anything "just wrong"- I was on the phone with my sis and forgot I was in a room with a camera! :-o Any way I let both dogs out separately and Peanut seemed pretty happy. She came back in and threw the stuffy toy all over the room. I left both girls with a stuffed kong toy and these were the pics I captured off the webcam later this afternoon...

Peanut is a fatty, we need to get some weight off her as you can see. (That's Kadabra behind her!)
It's kinda hard to believe looking at her now that she ran 108 races and won 38 of them :-o

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pony has always had problems...

I wanted to clarify on my last post that *this* is nothing new. I'm not kidding when I say he's been NQR since the day I bought him. The possibily of this all being neurological was brought up to me in April, since then I haven't been able to get that off my mind.
When I was on him Weds. and testing what makes him trip or stumble, I thought "OMG, what am I doing? What is the point to any of this, he clearly can't do what I'm asking comfortably".
During the pre-purchase exam 12+ years ago Less was lame going right on the lunge line, but of course x-rays didn't show vet and farrier summed it up to thin soles and sore feet from being ridden on frozen ground...ya now I'm starting to think it's a really BAD thing when your horse is lame or NQR and you have xrays done and find nothing. I used to always be relieved when nothing was found...I don't think like that anymore.

Since *this* has been going on for years I dont' think it's EPM, because it has lasted so long, but I could be wrong... also no vet has ever mentioned it, a spinal cord injury is what was brought up in April.

Well it's time to go see family and pick up another greyhound foster....

Friday, July 25, 2008

No more riding.

It has been a looooong time coming, but I decided on Weds that I'm not going to be riding anymore. Some of you may know the frustrating road I've been on for the last 5 years with trying to get and keep Lester sound. Some of you may have read one of my April posts of Is he lame or is he neurologic? I'm convinced he's not just lame anymore.

Note Lester's hind legs in the pic, horses should "fix" the leg immediately and not want to stand that way. Less stays there as long as you let him.
Latest lunge video

Ive posted an IM conversation I had with a friend about simalarities she had with her late horse Devon. She and I have been chatting for over a year now and so she knows all the ups/downs we've had: (pls ignore all typos)
sara: did you go and see Less last night
Denise: yes I did
sara: how was he
Denise: bad
Denise: I really think I'm just done
Denise: he tripped 5 times at the walk
sara: :(
Denise: 3 times at the little trotting we did
Denise: and he did not want to turn right
Denise: he would, but it wasn’t easy
Denise: he'd first try and go left
Denise: I just feel like i'm riding on egg shells
sara: does he feel like he wants to explodE?
Denise: yep
Denise: not explode really, but just so on edge
Denise: and like he really can't control it
sara: oh man
sara: Could you ever give him a month off?
sara: just turn out, no riding. maybe use bute?
Denise: yeah, like I said I think i'm really done this time
Denise: I worry for mine and his safety
sara: so do you really think you're going to retire Less for good
Denise: sorry, had to get coffee
Denise: I think so
Denise: unless I decide to take him down to Auburn
Denise: but it's not fair for him
Denise: and to be honest it all makes me nervous
sara: how so?
sara: what makes you nervous about it
Denise: not sure what's going on with him
Denise: and he spooks
sara: The spookiness is the pain
sara: when they get spooky the are usually hurting somewhere, at least that's been my experience
sara: Devon was "bombproof" and he started to get down right impossible
Denise: I hear ya
Denise: I want to hear all about Devon from beginning to end
Denise: dont' leave anything out
sara: Ok, when you get back I'll tell you from how it started through the end
Denise: OK
Denise: I'm ready
sara: ok....
sara: Devon
sara: Well, every winter he'd be off--not lame but sore behind
sara: starting from about age 8
sara: and the vet woudl x-ray the hocks, they were fine, and we just thought it was a cold backed type of thing (he was raised in FL after he was imported as a 3 yr old
sara: )
sara: He'd take a few days off, come back fine--every month this would basically be his MO
sara: Summers, fine
Denise: that's weird, Less seems to be worse in the heat
Denise: but it could be just progressing...
sara: So, we started showing first level and when I started to introduce the collection--He started to swap leasd
sara: Again, had his hocked checked, they were ok but had them injected, he seemed fine
sara: then, he started to get spooky
sara: which eventually progressed into rearing
sara: So my then trainer kept saying he had a really bad attitude problem.
sara: He'd be fine one day, horrid the next--so on and so forth
sara: That winter, he was horrible. Wouldn't go forward, would back up, turn left
sara: *he was worse right as well btw*
sara: To the right he almost always reared and changed direction on me
sara: so we rested him, put him into training (was still thinking attitude, vet said the same) and in the spring we decided to take him back to the vet
sara: she lounged him, flexed him, he was slightly off in the front
sara: so we took him down to Ohio State Univeristy
sara: first impressions--Rt. knee, hocks
sara: ok, inject all that. Bring him home. He's fine for 2 wks
sara: then starts his BS all over again
sara: back to OSU--corrective shoeing
sara: That worked for a little bit, but he still wasn't right
sara: so back to OSU (oh and in the meantime, I took him to show in June, Friday he was fine, by Saturday he was so lame behind out of nowhere it was nuts) but they still said teh front impacted the hind
sara: made sense
sara: So while at OSU for the third time, the lameness guy was watching him jog on the road
sara: and said---"go and get a video camrea and call Dr. Reed" and we thought WTF is that about?
sara: Dr. Reed is their neurologist, they start watching him go and start talking to each other. They decided to do a full body
sara: His knees, hocks, neck and back light up
sara: they decide it is NOT in the leg, but in the back
sara: That was Aug. of 02
sara: By April of 02, he had literally lost all concept of where his hind end was
sara: they would pull his tail, he would almost fall over
sara: they crossed his legs, he would try and walk
sara: poked him with needles--no reaction
sara: They found an injury in his neck from when he was a foal, and given his size and age, it had just progressed tha tmuch as was putting pressure on his nerves
sara: I sent him down one more time and they called me and said it was completely hopeless
sara: he'd just get to the point where he coudln't get up anymore
sara: so I had him put down April 3rd, 2003. 1 day before his 10th Bday
Denise: :-(
sara: but when you went to turn him right, he wouldnt
Denise: sounds really familiar
sara: and he got the point where he'd literally become violent NOT to go right
Denise: that's what I'm afraid of
sara: I got on him once, and tried to turn Rt, he bucked me off into the indoor wall
sara: that was the last time I ever rode him, Jan. of 03
sara: autotopsy came back "inconclusive complication due to back injury"
sara: and if he tosses you off due to pain, he will start that habit
sara: *he MAY start that habit anyway
Denise: see, I think he's really close
Denise: to that
sara: and only you can feel that
sara: you know what it's like on his back, how he feels under you
Denise: I have felt it coming for a while now
sara: It scares me when I talk to you because it honestly makes me feel like Devon
sara: he was the SAME way
sara: eggshells
Denise: that's how I feel
Denise: I don't want to ask too much or too little
sara: I know
sara: but you can't figure out what might set him off
Denise: it's different each day
sara: yep
sara: when he spooks does he turn a certain direction?
Denise: alwys left
sara: yep him too
Denise: I mean he spooks away from things to the right if they are on his right
Denise: but when he spooks at "nothing" it's always left
Denise: there were moments yesterday that he felt so normal and perfect, I got off and cried
Denise: those moments aren't worth what might could happen
sara: I feel fo you
sara: I started to jump devon because I didn't know what else to do
sara: and he was LOVING it
sara: we had 2 month of fun, showed him over fences a little bit, thought we solved the problem
sara: it all came back
sara: I had this little glimmer of hope

sara: adn it started tha tI would have these when I rode
sara: then the next day, it'd back to hell in a hand basket

Denise: :-(
sara: he was suffering at the end. LEss isn't suffering
sara: thankfully
sara: But only you can decide what's right for you both
sara: to retire him and let him live out his days just grazing--or to try again at Auburn just to see sara: but if you feel him getting explosive or dangerous. I wouldn't ride him
Denise: yeah, he's not suffering really on his own
Denise: he does stumble some here and there, but I think for the most part he is happy
Denise: but I've noticed little things too
sara: like what
Denise: he won't stand anymore when I paint his hooves
Denise: he backs up or picks his feet up
Denise: and I get mad, before I have taught him not to move his feet when I'm at them, he knows this
Denise: so when I pull him back up (he can tell I'm pissed now) he just has a look of terror in his eyes
sara: oh my!
sara: Devon did this with grooming
Denise: he walks out of his stall funny, always
sara: he stopped standing when I brushed him
Denise: paddles the right front
sara: I hate to say this, but I just think his body is done
Denise: yepped, it's like he can't stand still that long anymore
sara: he didn't look shot on the video
sara: but perhaps it is time
sara: he might have serveral issues working against him

Denise: yep
Denise: I think he just needs to be loved
sara: and there is nothing wrong with that!
Denise: nope, I just hated the teetering
sara: Will you think about getting another later on or just stop riding all together
Denise: wondering what to do
sara: I understand, it's like--what do you do?
sara: go back and forth with yourself.
Denise: but unless I get hm fully checked out I'm done, not getting on him anymore
sara: i don't blame you
sara: I'd say, give him 2 wks full rest
sara: then decide if you go to Auburn or not
Denise: that's a good plan
sara: See where you are in 2 wks
sara: is rest helped, or hurt
sara: **if
Denise: yeah
Denise: did Devon walk out of his stall funny or walk funny on cement?
sara: yes
sara: and down hills
sara: he wobbled
Denise: same here
sara: he stumbled out of his stal
sara: l
sara: I think it's truly in the back
Denise: has to be
Denise: we've injected everything

Truth is I've become afraid to ride him. Without knowing for sure what's going on it's not fair to him and not safe.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Six Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by cndcowgirl (oh wow I think I just "got" the meaning of that name, lol) I'm slow sometimes. Anyway I was tagged to spill my guts so here it goes. Sorry no pics with this post!

1) I don't eat anything with fur, feathers or big brown eyes. Sorry fishies and shrimps you are fair game:-/ My reasoning is fish (usually) aren't factory farmed and don't go through the same tortures as say cows, pigs and chickens. I know they do suffer to an extent:-( At the GA Aquarium I have to run past the Shrimp exhibit or any other fish I have eaten:-x I totally respect and have no problem with people "farming" their own food.

2) I "live" on Paxil, done so for 10 years now. It is my happy pill of choice. I'm a huge believer in chemical imbalances that require meds to be "fixed". The difference it has made in my life is unbelievable and somewhat indescribable. It's a hard topic and feeling to explain. My mom used to send me articles that being on anxiety or anti-depressants can shorten your life in one way or another (I think the main one is liver problems), but she said when I said the following that it finally hit her how important Paxil is to my life : "If it shortens my life by 10 years then so be it, life isn't worth living when you feel the way I did everyday before paxil".
When people try to understand what depression and anxiety is all about I say "Think about the worst day you ever had- you were probably sad, confused, angry, anxious, questioned EVERYTHING in your life, couldn't think straight, didn't want to be around anyone, can't see the good in anything no matter how hard you try, right? (hey at least you had SOMETHING that made you feel this way)- well try feeling like that EVERYDAY of your life, from 4 years old to your early 20's. (I didn't get on Paxil till I was 20). Tiz very bizarre and for a lack of better words it will mess with your head! Here's an example: I think I was 6 or 7 years old and I had drawn a bunch of dogs in a notebook. I show them to my sis and she says, pointing to one in particular, "That is the best dog you've ever drawn"... so what do I do? Smile and say thank you like most would? Nah, I cried my eyes out and ripped up all the dogs I had drawn because her comment meant (to me) that she didn't like any of my other drawings.
My parents took me to counselor after counselor, I even had some blood tests and head x-rays because I complained of headaches alot back then. As a kid I also had trouble sleeping and suffered from night terrors. But back then depression or chemical imbalances just weren't a popular thing to look for in kids. My parents were told to give me "warm fuzzies" that I just wanted attention. I remember having to look at those stupid books of warm fuzzies -thumbprint with smiley faces. All the "signs" were there for me as a kid with a chem. imbalance, but didn't know what to do with them. I do think if it wasn't for my wonderful parents and giving me such a strong sense of family and love, doing right from wrong, and well simply just being there I would have left this world a long time ago.
OK, I didn't mean to ramble so much on that subject, but yeah I used to not be happy:-( I think I'm still "afraid" to be happy in some ways, but I can say without a doubt that I'm pretty content with life now:-)

3) :-) This "outs" my sista too... but we can run on all fours as we call it. We used to turn the house upside down making a jumping course out of couch cushions, brooms and chairs, boxes, baskets, whatever ever we could make into "sweet jumps" we did. Our poor mom had to always go around our jumps to get from room to room, no room was easy to get in or out of :-) When I say all fours, I mean we would run and jump landing on our hands and feets, not hands and knee action. We could jump over 3ft jumps with ease, I think the highest we ever jumped was 4ft? Although I don't practice this skill daily anymore and can't jump I can still be found "cantering" in the living room from time to time:-) and NO the Limo Cam will never be on to witness this:-)

4) I hate reading. I prefer to look at the purty pictures:-) Most of the time I will read everyone's blogs in their entirety, but sometimes I just skim over them if they are lengthy. That's why I sometimes post twice on comments, cuz I go back and skim more and have to post again. I read so slow and don't really comprehend what I read unless I really pay attention and well I'm mostly lazy and have the attention span of a monkey.

5) I have common sense. I just chose not to use it all the time:-) I'm not book smart cuz see above to #4 But seriously, especially at work I seem to know what to say, how to say it, when to say it, who to email it to or copy it to, how not to repeat work and know what to really get up in arms about... Today someone copied me on an email: "Does Denise have time to do such and such?" Seriously? WTF either don't send that to me or ask me directly!

6) My left leg get's "stocked up" daily. I'm like a stalled horse with wind puffs:-) Seriously something called "mill roise" disease aka lymphodema (sp)runs in the family on my mom's side. Apparently our lymph fluids don't circulate well and my left leg is fat at the end of the day from the fluid build up. A k'ankle if you will. Most all my relatives with it have it in both legs, for some odd reason it's only in my left leg.

Oh I lied about the pics, check out my left leg in the pic ;-)

Oh gosh now I'm supposed to "kick" this to others so we can find out about them too! So I now kick it to the following:

Needle Noses -I seriously want to know why you hate toast so much!
DressageLife Kristie
Lady in Waiting

OK, I tagged or kicked 2 greyhound bloggers and 2 horse bloggers:-) Hopefully they come here and see their tags cuz I'm probably too lazy to email them...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Limo Cam Comments

I spied her on that bed for almost 3 hours today! I have found her to be more active than I would have thought, but she still goes MIA for hours, some viewers have told me that she hides behind the couch alot...that's where she must plan all the evil things she does. One thing is for sure, Limo Cam helps us keep the living room a bit cleaner:-)

Several peeps have sent me emails commenting on Limo Cam and they were too funny not to share...

"[son] was calling Limos name and crinkling paper trying to get her attn.Then she lifted her head and he was sure she heard him.I had to turn it off or we would be here all day playing with your dog!"

"[daughter]has discovered limo cam, she has been watching her all day. She will yell out "we got movement" when she moves around......too funny"

"oh hey, i saw limo action. something went by the window and got him very excited."

"I got to see her get up, stretch, and leave! "
Stay tuned, what will Limo do next?!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes, it's true I like to torture Limo with watermelons.

Cut or whole she is not a fan of watermelons. Whether she sees it on the counter, in the fridge or cut in halves she has deemed it to be Evil. Limo would not have made it very long out on her own, simply being brave enough to eat food would have been a daily challenge for her. She also is afraid of garbage and plastic bags - a good food source for a wondering while I may torture her with fruit now and then, she's damn lucky to have me :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Find Limo's heart...

Photo posting 101...

I am so happy to report that Kadabra now known as Abby was adopted this past Sunday by the sweetest family of 4 that lives just 10 minutes from us! :-) We had her almost 5 weeks and she was easy from the get go! I'm still surprised that she was deemed "not tolerant" of small dogs and sat in the kennel for almost 5 months before Matt and I and Limo took her in. She was a bed chewer, barker and I really didn't know how she and Limo were going to get along. The difference in her behavior of (what I heard) when she was in the kennel vs our home was amazing. As most of you know each adoptable greyhound has their own blog and of course I post only adoption appealing pics on there.... here are a few pics I took that didn't make her blog:-) LOL Disclaimer: Limo was not harmed in the making of any of these photos:-)
Too violent...

too risque...

Monday, July 14, 2008

**WARNING** extremely boring footage

We set up a camera in the living room to spy on Limo while we are at work :-) as if I didn't have enough distractions with blogs and email now I can watch live footage of Lim Lim on Limo Cam! She goes MIA every now and then and of course I have to watch the screen until she returns. Today she has mostly stayed on that bed in front of the couch. If you're lucky she might yawn or scratch for you. LOL
Click here to view Limo Cam

username: limo
password: garbage
(hours of operation 7:30am-5:15 pm M-F) :-)

We call her Garbage sometimes because that's what her breath smells like, we stole the name from the Office episode where Dwight tries to give Angela one of his barn cats named Garbage because he eats garbage :-)

Let me know if she does anything exciting. And no the pic isn't from the web cam, I took this photo of her and "Mini Me" the other day. I tell her it is a Voodoo doll of herself, but she still chews it, ripped the stuffing out and gnawed off the nose and eyes...

Friday, July 11, 2008

These boots were made for trott'n...

It was rainy yesterday and more rain was expected so I didn't ride. Instead I put his bell and splint boots on and turned him out in the ring to watch him "go"- I didn't want to lunge him yet. Isn't he cute in his boots? :-) He looks so fancy:-) So those of you that watch the video, give me your opinion on how he's "going" would ya? Ignore the end where he completely ignores me :-x

and here's another video for those that love his tongue trick :-p

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shoe Day

PonyMan got new shaa-ooz today, he went almost 6 weeks , which is unheard of for Mr. Lester. But it wasn't like we were doing much this set of shoes. Ever since he got his last set he was "off", OK, I'll say it, he was LAME. I hate admitting that because everyone jumps to conclusion that it must be bad shoeing by my farrier...And it's not. I had the right idea about the act/ process of the shoeing is what makes him sore, just didn't have the right joint it effected most:-/ I (and Dr. Matt) feel certain it's been his knee all along (blood came from the needle prick for the top injection). Dr. Matt said that knee pain is somewhat rare and there aren't many cases where he's had to inject a knee before. I always thought it had something to do with his shoulder or his hindend :-x Everthing just seems to add up more and more. I didn't give Less any bute last time he got shoes because I thought he didn't need it sense he had the fetlock injection. Wrong move on my part. So today Less got all the extras. I rubbed his knee down with the Absorbine gel liniment, gave him his bute and he got his Ichon shot. I also walked him and jogged him some before I put him back in his stall.

I got on him for the first time since the knee injection on Sunday and he was a good boy. We didn't do much, just walk and a few trot steps- Dr.'s orders. But I did notice that he was not bared down on the bit unwilling to let go and he was more willing to turn right:-) Same thing yesterday, and then today he had off because he got his new shoes. Dr. Matt wanted me to wait longer on getting him shod because of the flexion required in the knee, but his shoes were a day away from falling off. And since Ronnie comes from so far away he only had today available. I didn't plan the injection/ shoes perfectly, but hopefully it doesn't set us back too bad.
Less was pretty good for his shoes as always, but he seemed a bit nervy, not sure why. He had his hind feet waiting in the air for Ronnie everytime he came for them, but he also poop'd twice which he NEVER does. Reason # 567 that I love about him is he can come into the barn, get tacked up, come back in and get untack and not leave any poop! My heart always swells with pride when Less is in the barn and another horse poops and he doesn't:-) I've probably just jinxed myself for life now....:-p
I didn't know what my shoe bill was going to be today, and when I told Matt what it was and I said "I gave him an extra $30 for gas", he went all day thinking I had said an extra $130 :-o No wonder I got a "budget" lesson from him, LOL. I know I'm not good with money, but I am not that bad!

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Over-caste on my Parade"

I decided at the last minute to put LimLim and Kadabra in our town's parade :-) I thought it would look good on K's resume if she did well. My work sponsored it and so I asked if the dogs could tag along...I had no idea what to expect :-p If it hadn't been such sort notice I would have dressed Kab in a sign saying "Fast Reliable Service" and Limo in one that said "the other guys"- We are a Cable/Internet/Phone provider company :-)
We soooooooo lucked out with over caste weather! So I didn't have to worry about their feeties on the hot pavement...Limo seemed pretty OK at first, but then the High School Band started up 8-0 and she had a GrimLim melt down. We were first, directly in front of the band, but I moved us up in front of our work truck and that helped a little. Lim quickly realized that no one was going to come up to her and that the noise was just noise so she stopped trying to get away from me and settled alittle bit. She was still bug-eyed throughout and had her tail tucked, but she lived! Kadabra on the other hand didn't fret about any of it. She is Parade proof!

First pic is "Before the band started" and 2nd is an after :-p

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So sorry Jen....

Most of you have probably wandered over to my sister's blog, Never Say Never Greyhounds, before...

I'm just so sad for her:-( I don't even know what to say. Change happens so fast, one day they are fine and the next they aren't.

Travis is her super star greyhound who has won countless agility titles and more. Why is it that the good ones seem to go "young". I know 10+ isn't young, but I still feel damn cheated that I lost my Spooky at 11 years and 3 months:-( Travis has been diagnosed with liver disease.
Why does it seem like the "bounces" (greyhounds that are returned by their heartless, stupid owners at age 8 and up seem to hang on forever?
Travis' story is a facinating one... click here to read it.

I have been told many times that the price of love is the grief we feel when it's gone and that is so true.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pin the injection on the ....KNEE

According to Dr. Matt I should have a *new* pony in a week or so :-) I think I will too, just don't know how long the newish pony will last... so last night we repeated all flextion tests again he even tried to torque his shoulder to see if we could get a *positive* which really is a *negative* in my book :-p response (I've never understood the logic behind giving results like that!) But the only positive flextion we could get was in his knee...His fetlock joint/ ankle flexed good actually, he rated him much better this time. He hoof test'd his front feets and found a tad bit of heel pain, but when we blocked him (numbed the area) he was still lame. Injecting the knee joint with HA takes 2 pricks. Too bad it wasn't like a buy one get one deal :-p When the top of the knee was prick'd there was bloody discharge :-o which is a sign of inflammation for sure, the other prick was mostly a clear fluid as it should be.
I asked Dr. Matt on his opinion for joint supps and he gave me a big O' zero hand symbol. Like most vets he doesn't think the oral supps do much. He did say that if he had to use one he'd probably do the Cosequin, I think there is even one out there now with HA. But I've been told by more than one vet that I should just save the money and do injections or Adequan. I also asked about Adequan adding longevity to the joint injections and he said let's wait and see how he responds. Gosh the loading doses of Adequan are about the same or more than a joint injection! :-o
So Sterman Lester had to stay in for the night. We had Frosty (Dr. Matt's Wife's horse who pasture boards there) to babysit him in the barn so that worked out well for Less and I! He was doped up and happy when I left :-)
He will be able to go back out to pasture tonight and hopefully by Saturday I can get on him. I need to call in some shoes for him too! $$$$ :-/

OK, I just have to LOL, my bosses just came over here and asked me something about Lester and I told them I spent another $400+ ( I had blood drawn again to test his T3 and T4 levels also) on him yesterday and one goes "How much do you think you've spent on him all together" - $20-30k? LOL, I had to tell them shoes alone cost me $200 a month :-p Like I say, Less is lucky he's so cute!