Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tack Room Troll

I had to put the cones up to keep him from coming all the way into the tack room :-) This is the face I get the WHOLE time we are tacking up.

I hopped on him yesterday hopping he would feel pretty good since I hadn't been on him in almost a month, but he didn't. He was VERY trippy in the hindend just at the walk. We did do a little trotting on a straight away and did OK. He's learned pretty much though that it's rare that I ask him for a turn now so he just stops when he wants to. Fine by me, at least he's cute.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm baaack

Grrrrr... I had a post and lost it... anyway you guys didn't even know I was gone didja? My mom and I went road tripp'n to Dallas, Texas to visit family. I drove there with her Thurs/Fri and flew back on Monday at 5:45AM and then went to work! It was a quick, but fun trip. I kicked my brother's butt in the Bowling game on Wii and it was my grandfather's 94th birthday on Sunday, but I was bad and didn't take any pics except these couple of where we used to live. My mom took some pics with her camera, but she's still in Texas and hasn't sent me any yet.

I remember this house being HUGE with 4 tiers of stairs each with 10 or more steps that lead up to the porch! LOL Funny how we see things when we are kids. I took a pic of the house below also because this is where I tried to adopt out one of my baby dolls when I was 4 years old. One day I went 3-4 houses down and put my baby doll on their porch, rang the door bell and went in hid in the bushes. I did this about 3 times until a teenage couple (that probably had been making out) caught me and meanly asked "Is this your baby doll"? I grabbed my dollie and ran home:-( Not sure why I was trying to give her away...oh well.
So give me a few days to get caught up on all you blogs!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leaping Limos

Well, thankfully for everyone, there is just one Limo...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peanut the beautiful

I have to chuckle when you all say how beautiful Peanut it is ...
I'll be the first to admit I thought Peanut was a bit homely and ugly when I first saw her. She was fat, dingy and was really after Limo at first. I really thought to myself, "She's going to be hard to adopt". And then we figured out that she was 5 and not 3 which really made me think that...- there was a mix up at the kennel with her and another brindle female, Wiki Onetime. One look at "Wiki" and we knew she wasn't 3. So my sister Jen did some ear tattoo investigations (all greyhounds have tattoos in each ear) and paper digging and figured out who she was. It was kinda sad too because the person who thought she had "Peanut" had chosen her because of her breeding. Her greyhound that she had just lost had the same grandfather as Peanut. I know that's not saying much, cuz like in the horse racing world the good studs are the ones that sire so many! But it does sometimes feel like fate or a special connection when they are related in some way.
I encourage both you KK and oregonsunshine to adopt a greyhound! It's very rewarding just like taking in an OTTB and it's fun to have a dog with a past. I meant to have this link, Go Peanut Go, attached in the last post. She ran 108 races, won 38 and came in 2nd in 14. She was the best runner of her litter.

She is pretty...
darn cute...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Peanut Go

This past weekend I got some good shots of The Nut running. Go Peanut Go was her racing name... my sis was disappointed that I kept the name Peanut, she thought she needed a car name like Limo, but Peanut and especially just calling her "Nut" suits her. It's not always easy, usually she's either too far away or too close... you can click on each pic and enlarge to see her rippling muscles:-) I've been around greyhounds now for over 15 years and I'm still amazed how buff they are and stay even in their retirement. I'm so lucky I can take the girls to the farm with me like I do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thank you all for viewing the previous video and leaving your comments...first video and pics in six months of us riding. He hasn't changed or improved a bit. But I didn't think he would. The only thing different now in our riding is my low expectation. There was a time I thought I could "work it out of him", what ever "it" was. I thought he just needed to strengthen his hindend and do long and low work outs to loosen up his stiff muscles. I started over with him more times than I can count and worked on building him up slowly. I still wonder how far we could have gone in dressage if it hadn't been for "it". He did so well in some areas in spite of "it" and could even achieve some 2nd level dressage movements quite easily. Not too shabby for a very one-sided horse with an obvious problem somewhere. He still prefers to turn and hold his head left. Most of the time when I ask him to turn right with an open and soft hand I'm met with a grab and heavy pull to the left. That's fine. We can go left.
I wonder what he feels? I know sometimes when I throw my back out or my neck gets a kink in it it's not always a "painful" feeling, but a "I can't move that way" feeling.

Like I said before, I LOVE our tacking up time together, when he's not taking off out of the barn to find some grass he can be really sweet and silly.
Kacy, I don't know what that "flub" in his hindend was. He does it often though in a walk, trot or canter and whether he's undersaddle or not. It's like his hindend just gets lost. I wouldn't worry about Wa though, it might just be laziness on her part;-) -thanks for the comment on my leg, I like to think I still do something right!
Lisa, Lester has always been OK with animals underfoot, I'll blog about our past goats soon! All your goats make me miss them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to exercise a greyhound

Spooky would do the exact same thing...eventually she'd realize we were just going in circles so she wouldn't follow so intently. It's still new to Peanut though.

I cantered on Lester the other day, I LOVE his canter. He felt so good that day and I just asked. He's always had such easy transitions too. I got on him again the next day and he didn't feel nearly as good. He stiffened and seemed anxious. So we just walked for 10 mins and I hopped off. No need to ever push too much, we just have to take it day to day. It's not even just the riding him, I love spending the tacking up time with him. He's so goofy and turns his head in the tackroom and sticks his tongue out constantly at me.