Friday, October 31, 2008

Limo's Great Pumpkin

I was able to find Limo a pumpkin yesterday! :-) HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lester the whinnying ninny

This is really the first time Less has had a good run n buck since his tummy ache...he got new shoes yesterday and I wanted him to trot around and "loosen up" a bit- I think he did that, LOL. He was upset because I took Polo away from him. He didn't come to me so we left him- I'm an evil mommy:-) Happy grazing pony turned into crazy pony...but it cracks me up when he runs around and whinnies he sounds like such a girl!

The Panalog seems to have done the trick for the itchy spot! I was hoping to get a video of someone scratching it, but he didn't even react- which is a good thing, but I missed a video opp, lol. Anyway, I still don't know what the heck it is- after rubbing and scratching the scab off (though there was never much of one) it revealed two little holes side by side like a bite- but I tell you his leg NEVER swelled so how could it have been a bug bite?

Less was so jazzed up last night I was able to get a close up video of his ninny whinny.

Oh my gosh I just forgot I never got Limo a pumpkin :-o must go do that, hopefully I can still find one!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 7 day itch... (photo will enlarge now;-)

Actually it's been more like 14 days...Lester's itchy spot is still just as itchy as ever. There's been no change to it. If you touch or scratch it you get all kinds of butt tucks, trembling and camel nose action. I was treating it like a fungus by washing it with Malesob and putting dew poison ointment on it, but it never changed and like I said it's itchy as ever. So I asked Laura to ask the vets about it and she brought me home a tube of Panalog ointment. The boys are due for shots next week so if it's still bothering him I'll have the vet check it out.
We all know Lester can look like an Arab and a Quarter horse, but did you know he does impressions of Llamas too or maybe it's a camel?

I could just kiss those big horsie lips- actually I think I probably did after I took the shot, lol.

Less slept in his flannel/ fleece jammies last night, it was in the low 30's :-o! It's not much, but I think it helps him keep his own warmth to himself...on cold mornings I love to shove my cold hands under it:-)

Catalogue horses in blankets eat your hearts out :-p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Limo's results are in!





I only got 2 out of the 5 correct- German Shepherd (37-74%)and Beagle (20-36%). Good job to Jennifer and Sientay for guessing the Chow Chow (10-19%)and Siberian Husky (less than 10%) and I don't think anyone would have ever guessed Great Pyreneese (10-19%) - LOL! I must say I'm disappointed I can no longer call her a BasShit though, it was so fitting!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Limo Mania...

Let's recap about Limo:
Her feet turn out...

and her body is longer than she is tall...

her head is longer than her legs ...

she bites...

especially ankles and hocks.

she loves to ram her toys on everyone

and sits weird...

is a natural born Ballerina

She has strange watermelon and trash.

She's fast!

has a lovely Roo too...

So anyone want to change their guesses before Limo's DNA results come in? Hopefully they will be in next week sometime!

Monday, October 20, 2008

That's the spot...

Lately Lester has been falling down-itchy on the inside of his hocks. Almost literally. I was currying him and hit the usual itchy spots and got some nose and a little leg action then I reached the inside of his hock and hit that "spot" you see on the left and he practically fell on me with glee. It was rather odd, I found the spot and it was a little scabby, but nothing I could figure out- like is it a bite, fungus, what? But every time I touched and scratched it he would "groom" the floor and he would tremble... Is this a case of it hurts so good?

Swabbed, sealed & delivered!

Well sent anyways:-) We still have to wait for Limo's DNA results to be returned. We already know that Limo is a rare breed in herself, but what other breeds of dogs created her? I have my guesses, but I'm very excited- my sis bought the DNA kit for my birthday last week. You can click on the pick to see the breeds that can be identified.
This photo was reenacted with a Q-tip

This is where Limo and I first met 2+ years ago- The ramp of the trailer I now work in. She was a sick, piti-full-of worms little pup. I'm not even sure how old she was when we found her. As you can see to the left she's a bit happier these days.
I was tempted to swab alittle in Peanut's mouth so she would come out with some greyhound in here;-)
So what are your breed guesses for Limo?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crack, Pop, no more sugar?

Hmmm... well I didn't get any pics of the chiro visit:-/ I always feel funny breaking out the camera for stuff like that, don't know why though. So sorry for no pics of that. I'm still kinda processing today's visit.
Lester's left shoulder and right hip needed adjusting. She also said he was painful in all his joints and that sugar could be the culprit... his main feed doesn't consist of hardly any sugars and he doesn't get much of that anyways. But I give him sugar cubes and peppermints like there is no tomorrow:-o Could he really just be sore in the joints from sugar? She was working on another horse while I was grooming Lester and he got in a very cock-eyed position, lifting his hind leg up so I could scratch his no-no regions. While he had his leg lifted up practically over my head as I brushed him she made the comment "Could a horse with neuro problems really do that?" While I do think Lester does have some back/ neuro issues, could it all have been compounded by giving him too much sugar? She suggested never giving him sugar again- make all his treats carrots, apples, honey and other natural stuff- nothing with processed sugars. Also put him on MSM and an herbal supplement called Supple Horse which I have used in the past. Is that like the EPM or EPMS diet?
ETA: I joked with the chiro and said I would just have to buy him sugar-free peppermints and she said absolutely not, that those were made with the "Splenda" stuff and that is worse than the real sugar itself. She then told me that Splenda was first made to be Ant poison, WHAT?! But in small doses it doesn't effect humans as bad as the ants- paralyzing them to death. She then told me about Stevia Clear, a natural sweetener and she had some in her car and let me taste it- it was just as good and sweet as real sugar! I'm going back to black coffee until I can get a bottle!

Pony Tummy Update...

Thanks guys for all your comments and wishing Lester PonyPigMan well. He's back to normal food rations and his belly has returned to it's normal shape/ size! We soaked his hay in water the last 2 nights giving his hay rack a mini waterfall. I've fixed him "Equine Senior Soup" as well with a little mineral oil and Apple Dex electrolytes. I love how the ES Triple Crown feed turns into a mash...
Less is seeing the chiro/massage lady today at 1pm and I'm eager to talk to her....

That's Polo, Lester's bitch, er, pasture buddy:-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pony had a tummy ache...

Usually when someone shows up to work in the same clothes they had on the day before it meant they were out having fun the night before...not in my case. Luckily, Matt and I work together so he was able to bring me a new set of clothes because I stayed at the farm last night in the barn apartment.
When I showed up at the farm yesterday Laura had Lester and Polo already in hand:-/ She said Less had been running and whinnying and then would go down and roll. He was kicking at his stomach, standing like a saw-horse and just overall looked uncomfortable and bloated. For those of you that may not know or haven't read that far back, in May of 2007 Lester coliced, bad, and had to have surgery. They removed 15 feet of his smaller intestine and removed some fatty tissue... You just never know how a colic is going to turn out, never. Lester didn't have good odds back in 2007 and I was told that most horses that had his type of surgery sometimes didn't make it a year. But here he is today, beating those odds.

We gave him some banamine and called the vet- Laura works for the vets so it's always super easy to get a hold of them:-) We walked and did a few jog sets here and there. I cleared his stall of all hay because I knew the poor boy would have to be starved for the night. The vet came and palpated him and determined things were all where they should be. He retrieved some dry stool and he had little reflux on his tummy which was a good thing. Dr. Jason tubed and oiled him with electrolytes. He gave the familiar line of no food, but he could go out as normal in the morning and have half his dinner if all goes well today. Half of what? The Pigman doesn't get much to begin with, lol!

He still kicked at his belly for the next couple of hours off and on and he would raise his back leg high like when he wants to be scratched. I tried a couple of different things to get him to pass gas, taking his temperature, grooming him to a state of complete "relaxation" and the walking and jogging. And they all seem to have worked. By 11:30PM he wasn't kicking anymore or raising his leg and he was CRANKY as heck for food. He had pooped 3 times by then and I let him have a few bites of grass and then went to bed.

I got up at 5AM and took Less out for another hand graze. It was so peaceful and nice out. I could just make out his outline in the moonlight and hear him chomping away... course no good pics to be had. Maybe that "time" is only to be left as a memory in my own head.

I returned the angry boy to his stall and went back to bed for an hour because Polo had been laying down in his stall and I didn't want to wake him. Also I wasn't impressed with the lack of water Less drank and was hoping he would drink after a short graze, but he did not.So far so good. I think Less still looks a bit bloated, but he isn't showing any uncomfortable signs. I went and saw him on my lunch hour and brought out some senior mash with me- can't visit the Pigman with no treats/ food.
I think his gas/ compaction colic is due to lack of drinking and we suspect now that the Pigman ate all the old hay in the run in shed's racks. Who would have thought he would eat crappy hay before all that nice grass??!! :-o Laura mentioned to me over the weekend about removing that hay and it just slipped my mind:-/

Monday, October 13, 2008

Less enjoying not so much.

Less used to get really obnoxious and pushy especially towards the other horses when I went days/weeks without riding him. Maybe the turnouts/ playtime take the edge off for him because his demeanor is as if I still rode him. Or maybe he just knows those days are over?I do wonder if perhaps we might could trail ride or just hack. He used to be of such sound mind to go anywhere I wonder if that could ever be possible again? I know I stopped riding him because I felt him become uncomfortable and he spooked alot, but I've given him 2 + months off and wonder if I had him adjusted by a chiro and got on him to only walk and ask him for no work what so ever would he be comfortable with that? He not only can look like a QH at times, but when we showed I had alot of people ask me if he was a QH because he was so mellow.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Huevos Rancheros anyone?

Well for my birthday I asked my parents for the GT Express Cooker 101. They laughed and said I would never cook anything, but got it for me anyways. I'd seen 2 infomercials for it and wanted one. After all even if I never used it at least it would give my Crock-Pot I got last Christmas some company:-)

My first attempt I realized I put too much salsa and I added a whole tortilla instead of one. It's probably best to follow the instructions in the little book that comes with it- but it's so hard for me. Not that I don't want to follow them, but I just read them wrong! It was still edible, a little undercooked though. Too my surprise Matt wanted seconds so this time I followed the instructions exactly to get the above creation. It was simple and actually pretty good:-)

Edit to add the ingredients:

1/2 cup of any salsa

2 eggs

2-4 tbl spoons of cheese

1 tortilla cut in half

*Lay each half of the tortilla in the well (that's GT Express Cooker talk) and spoon the salso onto the tortillas in the well, leave the middle empty to crack your eggs in to. I learned the hard way that you need to poke the yolk- it cooks better that way. Then close you GT cooker and go blog for 10-15 mins and volia! Sprinkle some cheese on top the last few mins of cooking.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Let the Arab Out?!

Sing the title as in "Who let the dogs out", but replace dogs with Arab and enjoy the pics:-) p.s I'm not trying to dis Arabians, I just think Arab when I see Less' tail and neck arched as such:-)
The funny thing is these pics were taken the day before GreyFest, when the tents, tables and chairs had already been set up, but there were only a few people around... Less was snorting and looking at everything, but the next day when the huge crowd and noise was there he was all mellow and happy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Limo goes to the vet...

No worries, she was just due for her rabies shot. I also wanted her to have a lepto shot, which of course came in the all in one she got more than she needed, but I was proud of myself for forgoing the "physical" exam. Vets can usually suck me into doing anything. Going to a small animal vet is alot like going to get my car's oil changed...

Peanut had to come with us to the vet because honestly I didn't trust what she would do in the crate alone or alone in my car! So Nut went for moral support and cried and whined the whole time and she's the not the one that got the shots!
At least here there were no office cats for her to grab. Peanut's chart at her vet has now been "updated" to say she's not cat safe... reminds me of the Seinfeld episode of Elaine trying to steal and change her medical chart, though I wouldn't want to change Nut's!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big disappointment(s)!

I tried to return Peanut this weekend after she embarrassed me by not running in the "Blur of Fur" event at the farm. We had practiced so hard and I was sure she was going to do well. Even Limo disappointed me! :-o Actually I don't blame them, there were too many distractions and the "lure" was a lunge whip with a dead fur something tied to the end of it- from like 50 yards someone waved it back and forth.... I let go of the Nut and she stood there, so I ran up ahead of her and turned around to see her taking a pee break- niiiice. Limo wouldn't run either, she ran straight to the crowd, there were just too many distractions for her little self.
Peanut didn't win softest fur either :-/, John and Laura's greyhound, Icy won it so I think the whole thing was rigged...
We totally missed our "Find your Grey's Twin" competition too:-( We were going to pair up with Kadabra (Abby), our last foster...

So can any of you tell who is Peanut and which is Kadabra (Abby)? Sometimes I have to look at the date of the pics to figure it out if it's like some of these poses...

But I was swapping horses around and we missed the Twin thing- Sorry Dawn!
Frosty who is normally in the back pasture was not a happy camper with all the going ons- There were so many dogs, tents, and just so much activity for GreyFest. Frosty was running herself silly, I tried to go out and catch her and she just kept whizzing by me like I wasn't there. So we had to go get Lester and Polo and use them as "Frosty bait"- which worked. We left Less and Polo in the back pasture and I took Frosty to the pasture across from the house away from all the commotion. Well technically she dragged me all the way up there. So while my two dogs were big disappoints for the day Lester shined as usual being the well rounded pony he is:-) He LOVES crowds and commotion, he thinks it's all about him. He and Polo grazed and took in the sights all day and weren't spooked by any of it. Frosty was relieved to be out of there.