Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My boots in action!

Oh and the first video of me riding CJ:-) I'm not terribly impressed with my position:-/, but I'm still trying to be very soft and quiet which means I don't want to sit too deep and can't put my legs on him much right now. The EXACT opposite from the other 2 Arabians I've been riding. They both take a lot of leg...Even though CJ looks fairly relaxed and quiet in the video he still anticipates too much and just wants to go go go. He wants to do it all right and all right now. He just worries too much and still gets too quick then curls that neck and puts his head to his chest.

When he canters going right he throws in little bucks, but doesn't seem to do it going to the left. I hope it's just because he's weaker on his right hind and the bucks will go away once he gets stronger.

I've been locking the dogs out of the riding area lately, but I have to say that the they did a pretty good job at staying out of my way and Peanut not trailing too close, but I think she was thrown off and confused because my sister, Jen, was the one filming and she probably thought she was me:-) Speaking of my sis I let her hop on CJ. She used to ride and have horses also, but then got very competitive in the dog agility, obedience and training world (all with greyhounds I might add).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Go go Ariat Boots!

I LOVE my new boots! They have given me my riding identity back. They do for me what a cape does for a Super Hero:-) I rode 3 horses last Thursday...go go Ariat boots! My long time instructor hooked me up to ride a student's 2 Arabians while she recovers from her hip replacement surgery. After riding one of them 2 weeks ago and barely fit enough to ride for more than 20 minutes is when I made the decision to go ahead and lease CJ. I have got to be in riding shape when an opportunity like this comes along, to work two very lovely dressage horses, one is training 2nd level and the other 3rd. Thursday was a perfect day in the high 50's and even though I'm technically off from the barn on Thursdays I left work early to go hop on CJ before going and riding the two Arabians.
Here is a lunging clip of CJ. I should have put him in side reins, I know. I think lunging really revs him up because he was a speed racer that night when I got on. Just wanted to go go go. He's still nervous because everything is still very new to him, but he's getting better and only pooping once now while we tack up! Gosh I miss that about Lester, he rarely, if ever pooped while I tacked him up or untacked him. I got on CJ the other day and just walked, not sure he's ever done that before:-) He seemed a bit shocked.

I can't do a post and not mention my Less Man:-) Whether it's his halter or someone Else's he loves to grab them. I had to switch him to his leather halter because since it's stiffer than his nylon one it's easier to sneak over his nose quicker. He always looks so defeated when he tries to grab for it and misses it:-)