Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I wanna run to you..

Doesn't this look like a clip from a gushy chick flick of 2 long lost lovers?

It wasn't. Limo has her bad habit back of chasing horses:-x I broke her of the habit a couple of years ago with a Citronella spray collar and it worked, but she has started up again. I keep meaning to put it back on her I just have to find the pieces. It has a noise warning, and then 2 spray settings to choose from, I would just blast her full spray with no warning when I used it:-) It made me feel powerful, it was great.

I hope Lester is enjoying his retirement. He seems to be. He's still the boss of his herd and still comes running when you call. He has picked up this very annoying habit though in the last year and it's gotten worse, but he grabs his halter and the other halters if you're not careful and won't let go. He grabs the nose band as you're pulling it over his nose, if you get that far then you have to be fast enough before he bites the cheek straps otherwise you get into a game of tug-o-war for him:-/ Sometimes it's cute, but other times I just want to get the halter on and the others haltered and back to the barn, oh say when it's pouring down raining!