Friday, April 3, 2009

How to exercise a greyhound part II

The pic and the videos were taken about 2 weeks blogging is never up to date is it:-) oh well.
Two posts ago I told you about the instructor I've known for many many years and that I recently took a lesson with her... She's got a great eye for how the horse travels and even though I can't take lessons on Lester or take him to her place (her riding ring is sand and that footing is too deep and challenging for Less) so I asked her to stop by the farm and watch us go and tell me what she "sees". Kinda like a mounted lameness examination. Less tripped/stumbled about 6 times (I was happy he did so too because THATS what I wanted her to see, that and his head bobbing to the right). I can't ever feel which leg it was and I knew she'd be able to tell me. I thought for sure she was going to tell me he tripped on the right hind every time, but nope, whether he's tracking left or right it's always the inside hind that is "lost". She said his stiffness comes from high up like in the stifle area which to me backs up the back injury/problem theory. I was so happy that she took the time to stop by and watch us go, she gave me hope that I can still get on him and do stuff:-) We both agree not to over do it or make him do lateral or a ton of collected work, but she didn't see a problem with me asking him to come and stay round- it's a better way to travel for all, lol. Strangely he didn't head bob for her to the right, makes me wonder that I rode him differently when she was there... because the video of us going to the right 2 days later clearly shows him bobbing a bit.
So about the video, Peanut was a cling-on that day! She was all up in Lester's space! The little hop he does at her, I swear felt like a buck, lol, but as you'll see it was nada. He also never lost his hindend during the videos or that entire ride...

Be sure to click on the HQ, it's much better viewing even though it takes a bit longer to load.

And Lester tracking to the right:

It has been raining on and off for a month now- mostly on- straight up down pours for days! I was able to ride Basonge a couple of times, but I couldn't remember the last time I'd been on Lester since the videos so Wednesday was Lester's day... everything was so damp and it was a bit cool and cloudy. During our exercise jog (I always jog him out first before I get on-I learned that the hard way) he seemed a bit "uppity', but he was a very GOOD boy. No spooking, balking or major fussing. We had some very nice round and soft moments:-)
Having been around another horse lately tacking up and mounting, it just makes me love my pony even more! Less ground ties, but if I do tie him he just stands there and never moves- I can even go out of sight and he just chills (course he knows he gets a treat when I get back:-P)you know how some horses have to go from side to side and just are little busy bodies? I also love that Less never poops in the barn-NEVER! He does after a ride sometimes in the washrack, but it's not a habit. Basonge gives me dirty looks now when I brush or tack him up, his little ears go a little flat and his little lips wrinkle.... Less has never made an ugly look for being tacked up-NEVER! and I guess I forget how rare that is to not have a horse wag their head, clinched their teeth, flatten their ears or just do something to show their disgust in being girthed!

(I'm sorry for being a bad blogger commenter lately:-( I will catch up soon, hope everyone is doing well!)


Anonymous said...

I second the back issue theory. The head bobbing could stem from that. It hurts more on that side and he's still trying. Bobbing his head helps him carry through the pain.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Wow... Peanut really follows closely. What a nice way to wear her out!


Grey Horse Matters said...

First, let me say I think you are a very nice rider. Second, you're right it's always good to have a knowledgeable person on the ground. Sounds like she gave you some good feed back.
Third, wow, if my dogs did that to one of my horses they would have been punted across the field! What a good boy Lester is.

Flying Lily said...

Yeh good heavens get the aggravating dog outta there. You don't need that.

Good riding and very nice horse to put up with that %$^& dog bothering you.

allhorsestuff said...

Lester you are a super pony!
I loved watching him mo e and track right yea...shotened considerably so. I love a good Horse mentor to help you see through some issues.
Peanut..nut! Less is sooo good with her and she is hilarous. Never -ever thought I would see a Grey hound follow a horse! I really would like a nice trail dog...and LOVE Grays...but I think you have the only one that will follow like that!

I havce found an awesome horse mentor D..she is only 3 miles from me in a pedunk little place..footing is so -so and size is barely on the arena map..but WA was so awsomne yesterday. reaching for the bit and white lipstick!
I cantered both directions with only a waited outside seatbone to took 6 crap trainers and a lot of bucking bolting find a person that is not even certified to train- to tell me the truth!

I loved this post D .
You are a beautifully quiet rider.
I hope to have some actual video of me riding sometime. so you can tell me some things too!

cdncowgirl said...

Funny how those little moments (like Les's "hop" at Peanut) always *feel* SO much bigger than they are lol

Stephanie said...

Great video I love watching the two interact with other - and I agree with everyone else Less was being so patient with peanut - such a good boy. I always enjoy your videos...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No need to apologize for just being busy and living life :)

You and Less looked amazing together!

I thoroughly enjoyed both videos, too.
Silly Peanut was just like velcro. Good Less for being so patient. lol!


Anonymous said...

Did you disappear on us again, Denise?

Just so you know, you're missed and we'll be here whenever you come back.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER!!