Monday, January 4, 2010

Belated Xmas pics and Happy New Year!

I finally got some pics with the Santa hat on the Pigman:-) I really need to just accept the fact that I can get only 2 poses, well 3 out of the horse..."a grazing face plant", "forced hug" or the famous "begging/tongue" poses... he is the absolute worst model for anything else! But I do still love the impossible beast... he makes up for it in other ways like herding up his pasturemates and getting them to the gate when it's time. He's also the messiest horse when it comes to his stall, he doesn't care where his manure piles end and hay begins:-/ but the girl that does the stalls now said he makes up for that fact in personality alone, I'd have to agree:-) He is still the sweetest horse I have ever known.
So what are your New Year resolutions? I don't usually have any, but this year it's to ride more and keep a cleaner house (I know, stroke, huh) oh and be a better blogger-post/read/comment more! The Arabian, Basonge that I rode and posted about a few times was actually sold last month to a great home in Tennessee. But with new boots I had to find another mount so I will be leasing a horse soon...more to come on that:-)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love taht photo of you and Les. Too cute. And the santa hat photo made me giggle. :)

Sounds like some new adventures are waiting to happen for you this year. I hope all your dreams come true, my friend.

Happy New Year!


cdncowgirl said...

Love the pic of you and Lester, you both look wonderful in it. And how can anyone resist Lester's pics? He could do commercials (if they require a stuck out tongue! lol)

Can't wait to hear more about your riding news!!

Stephanie said...

Great photo of Les!!! He is such a ham for the camera!

Petra said...

ooh my goodness, the santa hat with the sticking out tongue is soo PRECIOUS

greytblackdog said...

Those pics of you are beautiful! And Les is awesome - as always :)

Kisses to all the 4-legged.

oregonsunshine said...

Awww! Give Lester and the girls a kiss for me!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi D!!! Happy New years to you too!!!
Loved catching up with your lovely animal faces and Your prety one too.

Lester the mess-ter...yea, Romeo at my barn..he's the same...poop-hay-poopall over the stall! man! Wa is organised...and Pantz, well, she is like ordered!

Glad that you'll be leasing soon...hope Lester is doing well, he looks fat! Nice!

Horse Riding Equipment said...

Best wishes for 2010 ! for all horse lovers

IHateToast said...

he cracks me up. honestly. i'll have to stop following you and lester if i start wetting myself. he's a bladder buster.

Flying Lily said...

Lester's photo gallery is so precious! And what a beautiful group photo at the end!