Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chiropractor Visit....

Last week I had the chiropractor/ massage/ saddler fitter lady, Vicky out to see Lester. He's been really stiff lately and not a whole lot of fun to be on so I thought it was time for another adjustment, and I also thought he was probably "out of whack" from having surgery, but no, he wasn't sore in any of the places one might think he'd be... but he was of course sore and stiff in his right shoulder. This time she used the tool you see to the right, something about moxa and burning it and then rubbing it on any sore spots. Man, Lester loved it! Totally relaxed, rested a foot, head low and basically falling a sleep.... she adjusted his shoulder, poll, jaw but that was all that needed to be done. I wish I had brought my camera, I've always wanted to get a video of the whole chiro thing. She also suggested that I put a heating pad on his lower back and hip area for about 20 mins prior to riding, to get that part of him really loosened up and maybe he will be more keen on using himself back there. Right now he throws most of his weight into that right shoulder:-/

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