Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Future looks bright

Can you tell I'm really reaching for catchy titles:-p Really it just goes with the photo. Less and I have really had our ups and downs (riding wise) this past month. Several times I had this thought while I was on him - "I'm never going to get on you again, this is it!" Now let me explain why in the world I would say something like that. Less and I have been owned by each other for almost 12 years now! It's been the roller coaster of relationships- It's been a give and take all the way- I give him food and he takes it :-D But seriously it hasn't been easy, it took a good 2 years before I really felt any love or connection with him. That was mostly due to the fact I lost my beloved first horse, Moose around that time, but still it took a while for us to connect.
I'd never been "thrown" from a horse until Lester. He's thrown me 5 times or more, which I guess isn't too bad in the scheme of things, but man I just don't want to hit that hard ground ever again.
The last couple of times I got on him he was so fussy and he's always been stiff on his right side, but he really opposed to me turning him on the right rein. He would rip the reins out of my hands, toss his head and just protest. So I would try to supple and loosen him up by doing lateral work and all that resulted in was more fussing, jigging and just building up nervous energy- the kind of energy that feels like it's going to turn into an explosion of bucking and rearing any minute. Not so nice feeling.
He put on the lbs. again, I would be interested to know how much he weighs now :-x. I even called him the Pigman a few times this month, hmm maybe that is what made him so grumpy?
So you see, not riding or not working him is just not an option. So last week I bit him up and lunged him with side reins. I've lunged him every time this way before getting on him and it has helped alot. We only walked yesterday because it was getting dark, but he was willing and was pretty soft in the mouth and didn't once get fussy or grab the reins out of my hands so for me it was an enjoyable ride...

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