Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Lil Dressage Pony

I was VERY pleased with Lester yesterday, he was so willing and was a joy to ride. It's rides like that that just make my whole lil world. I lunged him with the sidereins before I got on, I think it really helps him get in the mood and also allows me to see how he's moving that day. When ever I am leading him to the mounting block he almost always trys to grab the reins and suck on them- somehow that tells me it's going to be a good day, like he's not as tense about things.
I had a little surprise for him yesterday and put sugar cubes in my pocket:-) He got one after he was tacked up and first set up to lunge, then after lunging and again right after I mounted. I made sure to give it to him on his right side asking him to stretch which he had no qualms about! Anything for some sugar! We were still warming up at the walk and I had to laugh when when he just stopped and turned his head to the right wanting another sugar cube.
We did walk, trot and canter. Lovely canter, felt very fluid and loose. No spooking and no running off. Good Dressage Pony. A lil friend told me to lunge him in sidereins because we were having troubles, man was she right:-)

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