Monday, December 31, 2007

Bad Blogger

Man, I've gotten bad at updating this thing! I can't believe I didn't throw a wreath around Lester's neck and a santa hat and snap some pics or at least do it digitally...

So Lester's blog has been on the back burner, BUT he's made so much progress, well we both have. I put him on Thyro-L a few months ago to help with his low thyroid and WOW, his body and mind have both completely changed. I wish I knew how much weight he's lost. He's no longer "just" nervous about being ridden. Hasn't spooked at "nothing" in several rides now. Of course I think this has to do with several things, he's fitter, I'm fitter and he's just overall more confident about things plus I give him sugar cubes now so he's just a happy camper. In efforts to losen up his back before a workout I have taken the suggestion from his Equine massage therapist to put a heating element on his back for 10-20 mins before a ride so that he is more inclined to use his hindend instead of throwing everything in his shoulder. So I have been throwing his quarter sheet in the dryer for a few mins to heat it up and then drape it on his hind quarters while I tack him up- think putting on clothes straight out of the dryer:-) so warm and cozy!

I have also been using the sidepass technique to loosen his jaw and get him soft. When he "unlocks" his jaw he will do just about anything I ask. The other day I threw back boots on him and man did he feel "fancy", he was doing lengthenings that I didn't really ask for and sometimes we didn't just fall completely apart:-)

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