Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy 2008. Today Lester got new shoes, he went 4 1/2 weeks this time, his feet have been really growing lately. What better way to start off the year then with a new pair of shoes! He was perfect as always and Ronnie once again awarded him with the ugly smiley face on our receit:-) It has been SO COLD the last couple of days that Lester has been living in his blankets, today was no different. I gave him a hot bran mash with some senior feed and oil and some bute so hopefully he won't be too sore. His feet are never the problem, I have come to the conclusion that its the flexion of his joints and having to stand that way for prolonged periods of time that makes him sore.
Did I tell you I got on him on New Years day? It was a very cold and windy day, the kind of day I have avoided riding in for YEARS. So in effort to continue my new riding attitude I decided it would be good for me to at least sit on him. And I did and I lived:-)

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