Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Go go Ariat Boots!

I LOVE my new boots! They have given me my riding identity back. They do for me what a cape does for a Super Hero:-) I rode 3 horses last Thursday...go go Ariat boots! My long time instructor hooked me up to ride a student's 2 Arabians while she recovers from her hip replacement surgery. After riding one of them 2 weeks ago and barely fit enough to ride for more than 20 minutes is when I made the decision to go ahead and lease CJ. I have got to be in riding shape when an opportunity like this comes along, to work two very lovely dressage horses, one is training 2nd level and the other 3rd. Thursday was a perfect day in the high 50's and even though I'm technically off from the barn on Thursdays I left work early to go hop on CJ before going and riding the two Arabians.
Here is a lunging clip of CJ. I should have put him in side reins, I know. I think lunging really revs him up because he was a speed racer that night when I got on. Just wanted to go go go. He's still nervous because everything is still very new to him, but he's getting better and only pooping once now while we tack up! Gosh I miss that about Lester, he rarely, if ever pooped while I tacked him up or untacked him. I got on CJ the other day and just walked, not sure he's ever done that before:-) He seemed a bit shocked.

I can't do a post and not mention my Less Man:-) Whether it's his halter or someone Else's he loves to grab them. I had to switch him to his leather halter because since it's stiffer than his nylon one it's easier to sneak over his nose quicker. He always looks so defeated when he tries to grab for it and misses it:-)


Stephanie said...

I am totally jealous of the Ariat Boots but I also have say that CJ is a pretty mover! I am so happy you are riding again on a regular bases!

SunnySD said...

What a nice looking boy, and I like how he moves. But then, I'm partial to Arabians - LOL!

Good boots do make such a difference, don't they? I have a a pair of Ariat western dress boots and couple pairs of Ariat riding sneakers - one's for riding, and the other are my go-to-work-in-them winter boots for those days when I can't walk out of the house in office-ready shoes. Great quality and comfortable, too - can't beat that!

Laura said...

It's so great that you are riding regularly again!!! CJ looks like a nice horse.

I looove those last two pictures! Horse teeth crack me up...and the look on the other horse's face? Too funny... :-)

cdncowgirl said...

Lester is so funny... always mugging for the camera :)

Congrats on all the riding you're getting in, those Arabs sound like really nice horses to get the opportunity to keep fit. Are we going to see any pics of them?

oregonsunshine said...

I love my Ariat Boots too!

I really like it when you blog about Less's antics. He seems like such a character!

And yay for the Arabs! I'm partial, but you already know that. It's good to see you blogging again.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I have to get a pair of ariats soon. I've had the same pair of Walmart paddock boots for over 2 years and now the only thing holding the sole on is Gorilla Glue. lol!

CJ moves nicely. He's cute, too.

But Less man is the cutest of all!