Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wipe Out(s)

That is Matt standing out in the waves. I took this pic from our balcony, we stayed at a really nice condo in Panama City Beach called Aqua. We lucked out with the weather and got in a lot of beach time. We have a little red raft that we take out in the waves. I have a bad issue about touching the bottom of the ocean with my feets so even if I'm in 2 ft of water I want to be on that raft:-) I rode in some sweet waves, but I also had my share of wipe outs :-o I was riding this one wave in on the trusty red raft and the wave just dropped away and I fell forward and got the raft rope around my neck, Matt had to rescue me, but of course he was laughing at me :-x I have the hardest time getting up and out of the water before I get pounded by more waves:-/

So after a day of swimming Matt found this lil guy in his swimsuit... what the heck is it?? We found alot of them when we walked the beach. It's just a clear blob.

We didn't really get any good pics... we were lazy about bringing the camera with us everywhere this time. We ate a ton of seafood and I had my fair share of Margaritas of all flavors:-p


IHateToast said...

oh those? they're farts. really. if you fart in your wetsuit, it comes out like that. no. really. it's a fart.

you look good and refreshed. hope the back-to-work jolt didn't kill you.

greytblackdog said...

those are jelly fish poops. you picked up poop and took a picture of it.

you look really pretty in those last two pics!

Maria Peters said...

no no no....that's a jellyfish UTERUS. Seriously. ;)

Stephanie said...

Well I don't know what the heck those are - I live a good 8 hours from a beach - but you guys sure looked awesome - glad you had such a good time!

Lovely pictures too!

Sientay L said...

those are probably jellyfish. good thing it was dead and no one got stung.

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip - great pictures! You guys look like you had a relaxing time - margaritas are very important! lol

I have no idea what that little blob is, but I'm glad it wasn't in my bathing suit! yikes. I'm not so good with unknown sea-creature-esque things!

cdncowgirl said...

How the heck did I miss this post earlier?!

Looks like a gorgeous place to get away to, glad you had fun!
I have NO idea what the heck that blob was (prairie girl here!) but I sure hope it wasn't anything too icky. lol

Anonymous said...

Weird... maybe the blob was a piece of a fish. Very curious.
Love the pics of you two and the beautiful sunsets. Glad you had a good time.
L, M