Monday, September 1, 2008

They're even now

At least I hope. Tonight Matt found a "nick" and some missing hair on Limo's shoulder... The rough play can get out of hand sometimes and I'm having to referee more, course Limo always goes back in for more. Though Peanut did here's during play and last month Limo wasn't playing when she latched on to Peanut's nose...This past Saturday I saw the friend that had Peanut in her adoption kennel sometime before sending her up to SEGA for us to place. I asked her if she knew any Peanut stories. I'll preface this by saying I can see exactly why the trainer would say this: Peanut wasn't a favorite in her trainer's kennel. She was unruly with the other dogs, cage biter and wouldn't jump in a top crate- she had to live on the bottom level with the boys. After Peanut's racing career which was quite good even though it was a low end track the trainer recommended to the owner that Peanut not be placed in a home as a pet. But the owner insisted that Peanut get adopted out. When the trainer handed Peanut to my friend she apologized for sending her such a bad dog. The trainer's rule of thumb was if she wouldn't want the greyhound as a pet herself then she tried not to place them. I do agree with her, there are far too many good ones that have NO issues or problems that still get put to sleep all the time. While Peanut has seemingly fit into the pet life style, the next "bad" or "crazy" one that a trainer is forced to place might not have such a happy ending.


IHateToast said...

but don't foster carers and other volunteers usually get those that are... well, let's just say "touched by angels"? i'm sure if you scrubbed hard enough, we'd see "SUCKER!!" on your forehead.

anyway, she's yours. she's limo's aide. ha ha ha, thank you thank you. i'm here all week. try the alpo.

Maria Peters said...

ya' know, when I took her picture, someone said to me, oh, that picture of Peanut is adorable (with her head cocked a bit sideways, an ear flopped over) and I said,under my breath, that dog NEEDED a good picture. LOL. She was a little stinker in the seemed like everytime I had everyone settled, and the place cleaned up, Peanut would put her nose under her water bucket and flip it up...spilling water everywhere. I am glad that she is with you, b/c whatever made that trainer choose her to live...those qualities will be able to come out b/c of the life and love you give her.

greytblackdog said...

you know, she might have been a naughty dog for another greyhound house, but she is a perfect fit for limo-stein, who needs a rough and tumble partner in crime. it's a good fit for the right home - and with all her "yard dog" tendencies she wouldn't be happy in a "regular" home.

Melanie said...

See??? She was meant for you :)

"Tell your husband that he has some impressive wood there..."
OMG!!! I don't know if you meant it the way it sounds, but I just about spit out my iced tea, because I was laughing so!!!

If he sees your comment, it will go to his head, and he will be impossible to live with ;)