Monday, April 5, 2010

It's a small world after all...

Here's a pic of JB that I took the other day...

Remember when I first got the new boots and I was so excited about them that I wore them back to work? Well check out this "It's a small world" story... One of the contractors that work for the company I work for noticed my boots and told me his wife rode. And better yet, rode dressage. Even better she rode with Gigi Nutter, the instructor I've ridden with on and off for the last 15 years. I told him to hook me up with some horses to ride! He said he'd talk to his wife, but you know how that goes, if you don't personally know someone you're leery about letting them on your horse...I'm the same way. The same week Gigi knew I was looking for a horse(s) to ride and knew someone that was having to move her horse pretty quick and that she'd talk to the owner about leasing him and keeping him at the farm. Turns out the owner did not want to lease him and had already moved him to a new farm. No biggie, I completely understood especially because it was after the leasing conversation that I put all the pieces together that we did "know" each other even though we had never met yet:-) Plus I had Billy and JB to keep me busy and CJ for that short time. So after I figured out who was who I talked more with my contractor friend and he evidently talked to his wife because I got a Facebook invite from her and the rest is history:-) just kidding...but really we chatted on FB one day and set up a time for me to come ride her horse and then asked if I would ride him while she's out of town during Spring Break... did I mention she keeps her horse at a farm that is only like 15 minutes from my home and work AND that the 2 Arabians just moved to the same place! I also got to ride the barn owner's mare on Friday and was asked to ride her this week while she's away. I've been riding my butt off lately and it feels great. I really thought I had lost the will and want to ever ride again. But it's definitely back.
Here's a video from 2 weeks ago of me riding Billy (at the old farm)...I'm learning a lot from him. I really need to have more support on that outside rein and he lets me know it!


cdncowgirl said...

I love it! Definately a small world :)

And lookit you... basically no riding to tons of riding!

Laura said...

Gota love those "small world" stories - especially when things work out!

Glad you are riding alot!

allhorsestuff said...

Excellent D!!!
You looked excellent!
Mee too...with the longest I've ever seen you canter! That little Arab looked as if he'd like to chew the reins longer from you, if you asked too!
WOW...Love hearing of the new developing horse venues and friends Denise!
Smiling in my heart-with you!

Stephanie said...

Hey cool! Glad things worked out for you! I am interested to know how you like Arabs compared to the other horses you ride? Maybe some future post?... just curious..

allhorsestuff said...

Thinking about you D and wondering is Lester and the Mutant and Nut?..your man and the new equines in your life..heck..really wondering about you and all!
Pray you are well!
Kacy w/ Wa mare~