Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday's Update

Joe called (pic to the right)! Which is Lester's student that is looking after him right now. He was out grazing Lester when he called and said he's doing GREAT:-) Less is off the IV fluids and is back to drinking water. They will offer him some hay later today, and add it back slowly like last time. I asked Joe to check into what the vets thought about adding some type of mix to the coastal hay, like alfalfa perhaps. The best part is, well there are 2 best parts, but #1 is that his small intestines are no longer distended, yesterday they were by .5 cms, which isn't much, but like I said yesterday, I wasn't taking any chances. And the #2 best news is he's pooped 3 times. They believe it was an impaction, the oil that my vet gave him before heading back down to Auburn never made it through him, instead it was just refluxed out of his tummy when the tube went in during his work up. They want him to stay another night which is fine by me! Matt and I will go visit him tomorrow.


Bartow Peach said...

Hey Nisey,
Sounds encouraging. Joe is using the right words, like GREAT. I'm glad you started a blog so we can all stay updated and you don't have to tell a bunch of people separately the same thing over and over. Give our handsome grandhorse a hug from us.
L, M

Jamid said...

Hey Less,
Glad to hear that Lester is doing better! Love that tongue picture!