Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, it looks like we are going to wait until tomorrow to pick Lester up. It certainly won't hurt him to stay another night and this way it will give me a chance to get everything in place for his stall and me and the dogs in the apartment(there is an apt in the barn I can stay in temporarily). It will be much easier to do these things without Lester breathing down my neck, licking me or trying to take the rake away. :-) He's even been known to untie a bikini strap!
Ahhhh, one more night of being decision making free.....
But I can't wait to get this sweet face home again!!! The new student in charge of Less will be calling me later today with an evening update.


Rory said...

TKS for the link Denise, now go get Lester! He probably misses u vry much 2!

Serenity (Busyb( said...

So Glad he is doing well. I am glad you will be able to take such good care of him when he comes home.

Lester - Jingles to your Belah and a speedy recovery at home. Denise promises not to let Limo nip at your heels til you are all better :-)