Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Update

Dr. Harper told me that they oiled him again (tube up the nose again and down into his stomach) this morning because they want to see this oil come through his system before they put him back on any feed. He's a little concerned that they never saw the oil from Thursday morning pass through him, BUT that could have been because when they refluxed him, it all came out that way. So hear's hoping for some oily poop!
I got there about 2pm Georgia time to see him. It was after visiting hours, but they are used to seeing me:-) When I arrived he was being assessed by a student- checking his vitals, unhooking the cathetor from the IV fluids (I thought this had been finished up last night, but I think it had just ran out right before I got there). The poop he had in his stall wasn't oily :-/, let's hope they see some soon.....I arrived just in time for a 5 minute grazing and 10-15 minute walk. Poor guy is so hungry, I feel bad, but we have to make sure things aren't going to get backed up again. I walked him past a window that showed our reflection, he had to stop and stare at himself for a good 3 minutes I'd say. He HATES the sewer caps that are around the barn area, we spent a good 3-5 mins staring at that as well and blowing at it. He finally was convinced enough it wasn't there to harm him, but he still wouldn't walk on it, he kept skirting around it just enough. But I was able to trick him into putting his right front foot on the one in front of his barn;-) I groomed and scratched him for a good hour I would say. His face is so itchy from all the abrasions he got 2 weeks ago. He only had 1 new one from Thursday's thrashing from that colic. His incision site still looks impressively clean and healthy.
I brought some hay and feed with me, but of course couldn't feed it to him. I felt really bad becasue when I dropped it off near the food room I walked back from the direction that his food would come and he gave me his best nicker hoping that I had returned with food:-/.

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Laura said...

Glad to read the update. I hope he's pooping oil real soon :-) Keep us posted.