Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Walk this way...

Feel free to critique in the comments section below. I need all the help I can get as I don't have an instructor. But please note I am aware of my hideous hands and arms :-x, that I'm leaning back too much sometimes, that I lean awkwardly at times. Be sure to watch or skip to the end for the half decent shoulder in :-)

Well after reading the lyrics for that Aerosmith Song (Walk this way) I guess it really isn't fitting for a post title, but it still sounds good:-) Less has been under saddle for a month and a half now! Still just walking, but he's really built up a lot of muscle again with just walking and the lateral work we have been doing. I think he feels better about his stifle as well because he's not spooky nor tripping! I've been having a blast with him lately! There is SO much you can do and accomplish at the walk for both you and your horse.

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allhorsestuff said...

Okay D, yet another comment you may not find due to the length of time that has passed fromt he time you posted this.

I just started to watch the video..and the leg mentioned leaning..well I do this too and my sister told me to step my wieght into the direction you yield to. it certainly helps the off balance/leaning thing and cues the horse to direction.