Saturday, August 11, 2007

Worming Device...from anonymous

Worming Device...hmmm, looks more like a torture device! But one of our readers sent me the following link to this contraption.
While I appreciate the gesture I don't think I'll be forking over the $14 for this thing. First of all, Lester IS not the problem. I'm the spastic one. He doesn't like it but, aside from hitting me in the head that one day he is very good about being wormed, buted or getting his UlcerGard. Secondly he is VERY willing to accept a bit in his mouth. I don't even have to put my finger in his mouth to get him to take it. I just hold up the bridle for him. If I bought the worming device I think that would change very quickly!
I must admit however it is a very clever looking device. And if you can easily get it on the horse each time I bet it's worth the money!
Thanks for the tip anonymous reader!

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