Monday, August 20, 2007

What do John Henry and Lester have in common?


(John in 1985)
John Henry
But that is basically where the similarities end. John Henry is a famous racehorse with winnings of over $6 million that is known to be ornery and "mean"(though I have seen lots of sweet pics of John). Lester aka Little Bit Wet only won one of his 7 races for a total winnings of a little over $4k:-) and he is VERY sweet and easy going. Lester also takes any medicines I have to give him like a real champ where as there our stories of having to trick, lasso and flat out give up on some days when it comes to giving John his meds.

I enjoyed this article from 2003 about John Henry recovering from his colic-

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Jennifer said...

Very cool to have someone famous visit the blog!