Friday, June 27, 2008

It's not polite to slurp...

But's it's so freak'n cute when the pony does it:-) Course you'll have to have sound on to enjoy it, otherwise you just have to take my word for it;-)


During the summer he gets what I like to call "Equine Soup", I wet down his senior feed and beet bulp a lot. He's good about drinking, but ever since his bad colic I just feel like the more water in him the better:-) !

Vet comes out again on Monday to do some more flextion tests and figure out which way to go from there... I'm sad to say I don't think the BL Pellets/ Solution did a bit of good:-/ I put him back on "Supple Horse", a Chinese herb because I had some left over. I ordered some Arthrisoothe-Gold - Powder The sentence: "The best joint formula available for horses with severe joint problems." sucked me in :-p so we will see, at least it will be something again. To be honest I have had him off joint supps. for awhile and was just using the herb.

I haven't been on him since Monday and then we only walked. What's the point? Neither of us will enjoy it. I seriously could not turn him right without huge resistance:-( and I wasn't asking for small circles or tight turns either, we're talking VERY open rein. But he would grab the bit on the right side and turn left.

He's just lucky he's so frigg'n CUTE! :-)


cdncowgirl said...

Don't ya just love it when they wipe their messy extra slobbery muzzles on you afterwards? lol

IHateToast said...

ooooh, i guess someone didn't go to miss manners's equetiquette classes. hmmmmm...

what will the neighbours think?