Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome Home John!

Like I mentioned before Lester and I played a part in John and Laura's wedding 5 years ago...and what home coming is complete without a picture with me in it? John has ALWAYs teased me about having too many pics of myself ever since he visited my apartment one time and saw a whole table full of framed pics of me and my animals, mostly Lester and I at horse shows Thank you very much! Anyways, ever since that and me sleeping in the back of his suburban after a greyhound field trip (everyone else was smashed in the vehicle) all stretched out he's called me the "Princess". He says I'm high maintenance and the worst kind, that I don't think I am.... well John is pretty HM himself:-)
But I'm very HAPPY to report that John is home! He came home this afternoon and I got to chat with him some. He was laying down on the sofa with his cat in his lap... He said he stumped his surgeon with the question of "what breed of cow did my heart valve come from", that's John for you!


cdncowgirl said...

What a great pic.
So glad John is home and doing well.

sugar208 said...

That is great news. Glad to hear that his recovery is coming along nicely.

Todd said...

Hmmm, yeah, from what I've seen, you and John do share a little HM trait... :D

Glad he's home.

Melanie said...

How cool that you and Lester are in their wedding photos!!!

Glad to hear that he is home! :0

greytblackdog said...

that sounds like john. perfect question for the surgeon. i bet he will be more prepared next time.

allhorsestuff said...

'~' That is awesome news!!!
I love it when Doc's are stummped like that..our human condition is helped sometimes by the divine hands of is always a stumper for them...keeps em humble I say.
I too have a multitude of animal pics with my husband and I taking turns in the foreground!( just a try our whole house-) HA!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aaaaww, that's such great news and a funny story, too.

That photo of the four of you is gorgeous! :)

New Mexico