Monday, December 1, 2008

No Sugar for you!

I swear I feel like the soup natzi from that Seinfield Episode when it comes to Lester and his sugar:-(... Alot of you have asked about results I've seen taking Lester off sugar and sugar processed treats...

Lester begging for a peppermint:

Lester begging for a carrot:

any questions?

Seriously, I haven't seen any noticeable improvements- trust me I would have blogged about them by now! ;-) Per the suggestion of the Equine massage therapist/ chiro I took Less off all (except for the occasional Holiday treat) sugar treats and put him on Supple Horse, an herbal supplement. She also suggested MSM which I have yet to get, I know- I'm terrible and lazy. I just don't think it's gonna make a difference for him. I'm seriously thinking of giving him sugar again, he loves it so much. I haven't made up my mind yet though.
*Quick recap on Lester- I've had him for 12+ years, he's been "not quite right" since I've had him- hitchy in the hind end in the early years and becoming short strided on his right front and tripping/ losing his hindend for the last 5 years. After injections in his stifle twice, right knee and right fetlock (at different times) to no real improvement it's thought that Lester has an old spinal cord injury that cause some neurological problems for him. He's not hugely uncoordinated that makes him dangerous, it just became clear that he was no longer comfortable in his work.


cdncowgirl said...

You know its kinda funny... my horses have NO interest in carrots or apples. I don't feed peppermints or sugar cubes but they do get horse cookies (usually store bought) and they love their cookies.

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there..thanks for the update-reminder!
huh,I still think you should stick with the no-sugar. What about granola bars?..that is one that I eat and Wa eats out on the trail and it seems a tasty treat for her.

I am sorry to hear of the ongoing problems with less...he is so beautiful and sweet! What wer those injections? Adequan or something?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, poor Lester. No sugar? I can't even imagine.

Baby Doll loves her horse cookies, carrots and apples (only if they are sliced). She's never liked peppermints or granola bars or other treats, though. I love giving her the occasional treat.

I am giggling at those two photos. Especially the one with his tongue searching for his treats. I've never been able to catch Baby Doll with her tongue sticking out. Maybe she doesn't think it lady-like? hehehe

New Mexico

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the update. I think it takes a long time to see an improvement, I might give it a little longer without the sugar. It's your decision though. My horses will eat anything, including one we had who actually snatched a button off my daughter coat. We also had a guy who loved cereal out of the box. I'm sure Les will get used to carrots.

Stephanie said...

Awww... wasa poor baby has got no mor sugar? Poor Lester :(

Keep it up mom - be strong!

oregonsunshine said...

Poor Lester!

I've heard wonderful things about MSM. I haven't used it myself on myself or my dog (arthritis for both of us) but I hear it starts working much faster than glucosamine and you should see results within a few days rather than weeks. When you do try it, let me know what you think!

Melanie said...

LOL!!! Stephanie's comment is cracking me up!!!

So even though he most likely has some sort of neurological damage, give the no sugar thing just a little bit longer...I know it is hard, but how cool would it be if you could ride him again???

cdncowgirl said...

Hey D, left ya a little somethin' on my blog :)

(gosh Steph cracks me up!!)

Mary H. said...

Very cute picture of your horse sticking his tongue out!

Do you have any suggestions for things to use as treats/rewards that are low in calories/fat/sugar?

I've started using treats during training with the mare I ride (and the work wonderfully to motivate her). However, she's starting to put on weight! I can't cut her grain b/c she's already on an all hay diet... Do you have any creative solutions for edible things to use as rewards?

By the way, nice blog! I just stumbled upon it and think I'm going to have to add it to the growing list of blogs I read.


Ishtar said...

The horse sticking out his tongue is hilarious!!!