Monday, December 15, 2008

So, I did it

I didn't get any "riding" ( I use that term loosely) pics, but yes I did hop on him Saturday. It was the first time I'd been on him since late July. Friday I put the saddle on him again and hand walked and trotted him and he seemed comfortable enough. He even seemed a bit proud. So Saturday I didn't have to do any barn chores so I thought it was the perfect day for it. I did clean Lester's stall though because I had time and he's so messy:-) Course about that time I realized I wrenched my neck again- I think it was from Friday night when I was walking back to the car in the dark, up the long driveway I got on all fours and did my own walk, trot and cantering- BAD idea, LOL. I'm just too old for that anymore:-( But I was determined to get on Less anyways. I hobbled up that long driveway to get him, he was on the far end of the pasture and after 3-4 yells of "LESS"!!! He popped his head up and mosied to me, finally picked up a jog the last few yards. I was disappointed to see him trip on his way to me, but that's just him. We got half way back down the driveway and he stopped and was like "wait, it's too earlier to come in, are you sure?" Then he spotted Fella and Basanje (sp) up at the barn and felt better. Less was pretty dirty so I brushed him off some and of course gave him tons of carrots. He's the tackroom troll as we call him, I ground tie him and he expects a carrot before and after you enter the tackroom. Again he had no problem with the saddle and being girthed- I have always taken it very slow and a few holes at a time, walk, couple a more holes, walk, but even so there are times that he panics about the girth.

It was in the 50's and chilly so I warmed his bit by holding it under hot water, it needed to be cleaned anyways. I've never had a problem with bridling Less, as soon as I held the bridle in the right place he opened his mouth and took the bit, one of the many things I love about him.

We walked and trotted in hand a few strides and then it was time to mount up. I walked him over to the mounting block and he stood stock still like he always does. I stayed off his back in two point for the first 5 mins and I didn't feel him "sink" at all from having a weak back so I was very pleased by that. He was a good boy. We just walked of course for about 10 mins on a long rein. He still doesn't want to turn right though and that's fine, he doesn't have to. He will go right and can circle right just fine- I mean he doesn't stumble or go completely off, he just grabs the bit from me and fights going right first before he will turn. It's kinda weird actually.
He almost got to "goose" Limo on the way back to being turned out:-)


allhorsestuff said...

NICE ride...glad you did!
I am using a Rubber "Mullen Mouth"bit right the warming thing is non worry. I used to hold it in my hands to warm it for her...she won't just open her mouth..she looks at me and pins me to her left side!Pantz opens her mouth like Less.

Cute shot of you two...I am always doing self photo's...and WHAT..." on all fours"
You silly...sorry it wrenched your neck. Yea..I am too old too!

SunnySD said...

I can see by your smile how thrilled you were - and it sounds as if Less enjoyed it, too!

I'm riding bitless (when I ride - sigh) for now, but last winter I made myself a microwavable bit-cozy out of muslin, pretty fabric, some birdseed and a couple pieces of velcro. I got the idea from those face masks you can buy and heat up. They're stuffed with flax seed, I think. Well, birdseed was cheap (no pun intended) and worked just fine. I can just pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes on low, wrap it around the bit, fasten with the velcro, and half an hour later or so, I still have a warm bit.

Laura said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you were able to "ride" him for a few minutes at least. Cute photos!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's great! So glad you got to ride him and he was okay. This can only mean more good things to come.

Anonymous said...


Now, the big question is did Less enjoy the ride too?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sounds like a nice Saturday for you both.


cdncowgirl said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for you guys :)

Melanie said...

What a nice little Christmas present for you both! :)
Keep up the good work! I always pre-warm my horses' bits too. Who wants a cold piece of meatl in their mouths???? Not me!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! On the 'Limo-goose' photo. What a handsome neck Lester has, too.
I'm glad to hear that the two of you enjoyed a nice ride. It must have felt great for both you and Less to be out together after so long.
It's wonderful that he just picked up from where you left off, too.

Oh, that's wierd about the turning right thing. Baby Doll does that sometimes when I ask her to turn right. She'll do it, but not without a little balking at first. Silly horses.

New Mexico