Thursday, December 4, 2008


The other day I was in the barn and I turned around to see Peanut in a perfect sit and I bent down to kiss her on the top of her head and I pulled away at the last second. Weird huh? I guess I'm still not ready to "let her in"... I have no framed photos of her and non of her pics hang at work. I still only have Spooky's pictures on my bulletin board. Limo only recently was added.
But I'll admit, I do like her alot. She's become a pretty good dog and she has lot's of personality. She always has such a "happy with life" look on her face. When you pet her and scratch her neck she closes her eyes in complete and utter contentment. She is a great companion for Limo. There are times we have to step in and referee their playtime cuz they're pulling on ears and throats, but for the most part I don't worry.

She's turned into a pretty good farm dog too. To my amazement she does not chase the horses and has never tried- squirrels, deer and the heron and geese are a different story though. They are all fair game.

She cleans the buckets after the horse's have been fed, usually she knows better than to eat/ lick out of a full bucket of feed, but sometimes I have to remind her.
She's got a decent "recall" on her now, she's surprised me a couple of times when I've yelled her name and she's actually listened (I know you are just cringing Jen). Since the barn owners have 10+ greyhounds it can get a bit noisy and exciting and Peanut dashes over to check it out- as long as I catch her before she starts fence running with someone she stops in her tracks and comes flying back to me...
She also keeps tabs on me and if I go missing she runs around till she finds me.
Now that it's Winter time I've started going home at lunch around 3:30pm, pick up the girls and bring them back to work with me and let them wait in the car on the days that I go to the farm. Much to my relief Nut seems OK with this and hasn't eaten my car. Limo has done this before and knows the drill, so I wasn't worried about her.
She's weird though. I'd swear she had a herding breed in her if she wasn't a registered greyhound. When she gets excited she likes to bite at your feet. I still think she is a lab in a greyhound's body though because she LOVES the water and will lay down anywhere- cement driveway, hardwood floor, we laugh at her because her favorite place to lay down is the hard tile in front of the fireplace. When we're on the road I constantly hear "thuds" coming from the back of the car and the occasional squeal- she's spotted "something" and is trying to get at it, hitting her head on the window. Just yesterday after I got in the car after work and started to drive off, Peanut leaped from the back of my car and landed on my arm in the front seat- hitting the dashboard and all the junk I had piled in the seat and console. What was she after you ask? It appeared she was going for a dead cable spool that was laying on it's side:-x Gotta love, er "Like" her.
Credit must be given to my sis, Jen for the fabulous above photo


Stephanie said...

She sounds wonderful! My Sheppard keep tabs on all of us as well. It's good thing - it makes me feel loved and protected.

Give her some more time - and she'll work her way in. It's what dogs do. She'll never replace spooky you'll just find one day that you've added her to that place in your heart.

Stephanie said...

PS if you were screwed over on the whole broken link thing too on my blog, I have fixed them and they work now. Sorry about that...

Maria Peters said...

She looks so happy. It was fun to watch them play! You're a good mom. Maybe Peanut needed the time to build a relationship with probably does her good to know you're the leader.

Stephen said...

The Nut is definitely unique. She was a born farm dog for sure. Remember her stretching out on the asphalt underneath our van? Crazy dog!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Nice post. There is definitely something about her. I think its neat that she is slowly wiggling her way into your heart :-).


allhorsestuff said...

Adorable pups! So diverse. Nut is such a funny nickname...well peanut is too.
I like her alot..and I don't like many dogs. mostly..grey hounds and whippents are a fav...they seem catlike.
The video was funny when Limo ran right over the couch to escape!

cdncowgirl said...

Its so nice that the Nut has settled in and become part of the fam. :) She's such a gorgeous dog too!
Our 2 dogs can get a little rough when they play. I think they just get carried away. All I have to do is give a stern "Hey!" and they break it up.
Usually giving me sad puppy eyes for ruining playtime.

greytblackdog said...

you know, i think you have to be ok with loving her. you're not replacing spooky. your just loving nut too. it sounds like you're coming around (even if you don't want to admit it yet) - ok, that will be $50, same time next week :).

i love that nut. we need to do a 9 bitch - oh, it would be a 10 bitch weekend now, again soon!!!

Melanie said...

LOL!!! In the video, Peanut and Limo act like my kidlets!!!
Does Peanut ever knock stuff off of things because she is so big???

I am so glad that you kept her, and I bet that she is too! :)

oregonsunshine said...

I agree with Greyt. And, I think you will let her in and love her when you're ready. Can you imagine your life without her now? What does it feel like?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Peanut is a beauty!

I was laughing my hart out during the video, thinking of how I'd toss both Limo and Peanut outside for rough-housing in the house, just like I do my twin boys. lol!

All that hyperness would about drive me crazy in the house. I can why you don't keep knick-knacks or breakables on any surface that the dogs can reach. lol!

What fun they are together, though. Peanut and Limo must keep you in stitches! :)

New Mexico

Stephanie said...

Upon another review of your video - Am I correct in assuming Limo is not allowed to use the back of the couch as a spring board to launch assaults off of?

Did they both get busted by video?