Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm baaack

Grrrrr... I had a post and lost it... anyway you guys didn't even know I was gone didja? My mom and I went road tripp'n to Dallas, Texas to visit family. I drove there with her Thurs/Fri and flew back on Monday at 5:45AM and then went to work! It was a quick, but fun trip. I kicked my brother's butt in the Bowling game on Wii and it was my grandfather's 94th birthday on Sunday, but I was bad and didn't take any pics except these couple of where we used to live. My mom took some pics with her camera, but she's still in Texas and hasn't sent me any yet.

I remember this house being HUGE with 4 tiers of stairs each with 10 or more steps that lead up to the porch! LOL Funny how we see things when we are kids. I took a pic of the house below also because this is where I tried to adopt out one of my baby dolls when I was 4 years old. One day I went 3-4 houses down and put my baby doll on their porch, rang the door bell and went in hid in the bushes. I did this about 3 times until a teenage couple (that probably had been making out) caught me and meanly asked "Is this your baby doll"? I grabbed my dollie and ran home:-( Not sure why I was trying to give her away...oh well.
So give me a few days to get caught up on all you blogs!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

The house still looks really big in the picture... not in real life?

You don't really post enough for us to miss :-). You might need to work on that.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Awww, spoken like a true sis;-) yeah, the house was still biggish, but not like I had in my little head as a kid...also mom said the dog that bit you lived across the street- I thought I remembered it was in a different neighborhood all together?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip back home. I love the story of the baby doll, that's really funny.

cdncowgirl said...

Its still a big house, and it looks pretty. Trying to adopt out your doll, that was too funny!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

The dog bite occured on the next street over. I remember the lady running me home and it was not just across the street.


oregonsunshine said...

A few years ago I too saw the house I spent many childhood years living in. To me as well, the house seemed huge and the yard like acreage. Through adult eyes, I realized just how small the house was and how minuscule the yard was as well. Isn't it funny how we perceive things differently as a child and an adult?

I noticed you were gone. Not only was there a lack of posts, but a lack of comments from you on the blogosphere.

Welcome Back!

Stephen said...

Did you go somewhere??

allhorsestuff said...

Of Course I missed you(we)...been waiting with bated breath here gal!
I thought you may be just taking some time or were busy.
I have been stalking around becasue I have been too upset to write horsey things. Gettin the courage to post...tried to open a private but, it is locking me out even!
Love your childhood home and the many steps to reach the door! Everything I have visited, I take my husband to show him mainly, is Not quite as large or impressive as I remember!
The doll gieaway is a mystery...!

IHateToast said...

aw man. i'm from dallas. where did you go? what did you do? why didn't you wave at all the places i go to visit?

when i was in my late 20s or early 30s, i cat-sat where i lived until i was in 4th grade. it was a coincidence that my friend moved two doors down from where i used to live. anyway, that phenomenon of house shrinkage is amazing.

glad you're back, slacker.