Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thank you all for viewing the previous video and leaving your comments...first video and pics in six months of us riding. He hasn't changed or improved a bit. But I didn't think he would. The only thing different now in our riding is my low expectation. There was a time I thought I could "work it out of him", what ever "it" was. I thought he just needed to strengthen his hindend and do long and low work outs to loosen up his stiff muscles. I started over with him more times than I can count and worked on building him up slowly. I still wonder how far we could have gone in dressage if it hadn't been for "it". He did so well in some areas in spite of "it" and could even achieve some 2nd level dressage movements quite easily. Not too shabby for a very one-sided horse with an obvious problem somewhere. He still prefers to turn and hold his head left. Most of the time when I ask him to turn right with an open and soft hand I'm met with a grab and heavy pull to the left. That's fine. We can go left.
I wonder what he feels? I know sometimes when I throw my back out or my neck gets a kink in it it's not always a "painful" feeling, but a "I can't move that way" feeling.

Like I said before, I LOVE our tacking up time together, when he's not taking off out of the barn to find some grass he can be really sweet and silly.
Kacy, I don't know what that "flub" in his hindend was. He does it often though in a walk, trot or canter and whether he's undersaddle or not. It's like his hindend just gets lost. I wouldn't worry about Wa though, it might just be laziness on her part;-) -thanks for the comment on my leg, I like to think I still do something right!
Lisa, Lester has always been OK with animals underfoot, I'll blog about our past goats soon! All your goats make me miss them.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think it's best not to have great expectations with any horse. My goal is just to ride the horse that comes out and do the best we both can do on that day. Love the picture with the tongue, very cute.

cdncowgirl said...

I loooove that pic.
My fav time with the ponies is just hanging out. Nothing on the agenda except to groom, give cookies'n'hugs and hang out.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi ya D,
well that tongue is too, too funny...does he do that afer a treat or what? It is precious!

My favorite thing to do with Wa is groom her as she eats hay..she doesn't notice me then..but if I cross tie her or ground tie her she moves all over the place as if I am using a scouring pad to groom her with!
It seems to persist, his ache and stiffness. I am sorry. I wish someone could diagnose him.
He has it made with you though as Wa does with me...whatever horse she is She is MY mare and I will try to connect with her, as you do with Lester!
Sometime I will like to hear more of your mare.

Melanie said...

Lester and his tongue are just to darn cute!!!! As I said before, I am glad that you are riding him again. Smalll steps are good...that way you won't get let down so hard if something happens. :)

IHateToast said...

the tongue and his eyes. heeeelarious.

i know nothing about horses. i just know cute. my ovaries just essplodid.

Stephen said...

Love the trademark tongue! Can't wait for the goat chronicles. I've heard a couple already. The tossing incident was particulary funny!

Stephanie said...

Yes I agree and was going to comment about your seat and legs - for not having ridden at competition level for so long you still got it. It's kinda like riding a bike huh?

You commit everything to muscle memory and it just comes back...

Anonymous said...

Hey D,

Have you had a masseuse or chiro out to look at his neck?
Remember Yo had that pulled muscle on his one side? It made it hard for him to use the other side, very stiff, etc.
Just a thought.

He looks great.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I wish Baby Doll would let her tongue hang out sometime, but maybe she thinks it too improper or that she's too lady-like?
I'd sure love to get those kind of funny photos, though :D

Can't wait to hear your goat stories, too. And I'm glad you enjoy seeing mine.