Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alpha bitch...

My sis, Jen aka Never say Never Greyhounds came for a visit on Saturday with her 3 greys. I finally got to meet Reagan, what a deer she is, literally :-) I didn't get really any pics of Limo's slumber party :-/ and I should have, it's always funny to see Limo in a swarm of greyhounds and she's right there in the middle of it all thinking she is one of them. Limo is actually a greyhound snob. She's very leery of other breeds, especially hairy ones or beagle mixes :-x guess no one told her she may have beagle in her.
The GrimLim was actually pretty nice to her guests. She only had 1 or 2 outbursts for which she was put in time out for. I think my sis just oozes "I am ALPHA" so Lim felt like she could give up the role a bit. I was surprised there wasn't more growling and snapping going on. Is this pic not hilarious?? :-D Check out the front legs,

Now some Lester news. I usually leave out a lot of important details because I have a hard time understanding what vets are telling me :-p I get the general picture and I leave it at that. The big words go in one ear and get lost.
Less' fetlock joint was injected with (HA) Hyaluronic acid and a steroid. I always want to say hydrochloric acid, but I'm pretty sure that would just make his joint completely dissolve into an acid cloud or something. HA is injected to restore fluid and give some cushion in the joint. We've injected his bad stifle before and it does help, makes him sound for a limited of time.
The little bit of lunging I have done with him I don't see any difference:-/ Could be still stiff from the injection itself I guess, still protecting the leg and going the way he's used to or he's sore somewhere else. Dr. Matt (Reynolds) did mention Less is also sore in his right knee so we may inject that in another week if Less doesn't show more improvement. On Saturday when I went to see the ponies, Less and Polo they both came running up to the gate. Less looked fine from what I could tell, I think he even threw in a crappy lead change;-), but poor Polo came in 3- legged:-( I thought for sure I was going to find something broken, but I could find no swelling or heat. So Laura met us halfway down the driveway and we were trying to figure out if it was his stifle or foot because he would not put his right hind heel completely down. We both agreed that it was probably an abscess (she called Jason (Dr. Mclendon) and told him what we were seeing and he said it was most likely an abscess too. It probably took 30 minutes to get Polo from the top pasture up to the barn. Less was an obnoxious thing on Saturday! He was acting like a young colt, he was chewing on his lead rope, head high and alert and posturing at the other horses, didn't bite me, but dug his teeth into me a few times :-x We brought them in a couple of hours early so he was clearly not impressed with that since he got shorted on his pasture time the day before also. *This* attitude made me think gosh he was be feeling good and sound, so I was disappointed to see that he was still off on the lunge line (again I'm wondering though if he's just used to going that way). He was much more mellow yesterday, back to his sweet, normal self. I'm going to have Dr. Matt look at him and see what he thinks and if I can get on him or really lunge him again.


cdncowgirl said...

Gotta love those days when they don't act their age! Cessa (my TB mare) is 27 and she usually acts like she's about 4.

cdncowgirl said...

oops, got distracted by a phone call in the middle of my reply!
Wanted to add wishes for a speedy recovery for Polo and I hope the vet figures out what's up with Less.

jesterjigger said...

I hope the injections help Less. I recently underwent hock/stifle injections (of HA) for my 19 year old gelding to help him with an injury and they did help him a lot. I hope you have better luck with Less though, and that it's not neurological. I know how hard it is to have no idea what's wrong with a guy you've loved for so long.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That's such a terrible photo of Reagan :-). She does look like a deer. How is Polo doing?


greytblackdog said...

Thanks for the pony update. Fingers and toes crossed that the HA works for Less. How's Polo?

Limo looks like he's been horseback riding in his spare time! LOL

Anonymous said...

so you got a duck-footed and a pigeon-toed dog there.

they should do a vaudeville show.