Friday, April 18, 2008

Spur be gone.

The PonyMan got his injection in the right front fetlock last night. The vet drugged him up and put an evil twitch on him. Less was in la la land and I have to admit I was a bit jealous;-) He was a stellar patient as always. The procedure seemed quick and *painless* and he's now sporting a nice fluorescent yellow wrap. Since I had to kill time and wait to feed him and he was nice and *liquored up* I decided to take advantage of him and clean *him* Though I have to admit he's pretty good about it even when he's sober, it's just a lot easier to pick at *it* when you don't have to play tug-o-war with it or go way up into no woman's hand/arm should be there land.
He has to stay in his stall today so hopefully he's not too upset. I asked that another horse stay in with him at all times and maybe the other horses could rotate babysitting him:-) I can take him out and let him graze later so I know he will enjoy that. He can be turned back out tomorrow and maybe Sunday I can hop on him.


cdncowgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments (I love my ponies!)
Hopefully Less is co-operative with his confinement, seems to make it easier on them AND us.
About cleaning *him*... I have to let the vets do Quinn, even drugged he acts like he's being violated! lol

greytblackdog said...

What was the shot for? Is this something he has gotten before? Or gets regularly? What did I miss?

As far as cleaning *him* Clyde never seems to mind. In fact, he seems rather proud to show off when it's tidy time. He was gelded at one, so he has to brag about something I guess :)

cdncowgirl said...

Just spent some time doing "catch up reading". I read your 2007 entries. Hadn't heard of the "jingling" thing before. Now that I have I'll be sure to jingle for Less (just a bit less than a month until his anniversary, you must be excited!)
Have to say I laughed so hard about the post where you tasted the ulcer-guard. I have had the not so pleasant experience of tasting Wind-Aid. Ugh, it doesn't even smell good. My friend was giving it to her gelding (Baron). Well Baron doesn't like it, it was windy and I was standing on the wrong side. Guess who got a bunch of wind-aid blown at her face?! YUCK

Anonymous said...

coffin bone? what is that?