Monday, April 14, 2008

I didn't know Matt had a son :-o

Just kidding:-) Hah! Lester had a visitor on Saturday and he looked like he could be a son of Matt's...My friend Teresa brought her nephew Camden out to the farm to visit Gigi (the guest greyhound we have had) and to see the horses.
I forgot to mention in my last post ANOTHER reason I love Less so much is he is the sweetest and most gentle horse I have ever seen around kids -as long as they stay on the ground:-) A kid can lead him, hug him, feed him, brush him, anything. And he never disappoints with his tongue trick :-p

Lester will take treats with his lips and not take your whole hand off either. He's never been obnoxious about treats even though he is spoiled with them constantly! I never worry about him around kids.
Which leads me to a funny goat story. My nephew, Sam came to visit when Lester was still in my parent's backyard. We had 2 goats at the time too, Scarlett and Magnolia. Sam and I walked out to the pasture to see Lester and give him some carrots. Since Lester was not in a halter I was solely paying attention to him and making sure he didn't step on Sam. So I turn around and find Sam flat on his back, apparently Scarlet had knocked him down and she was standing over him ready to nail him again :-o Guess I should have paid more attention to Scarlet the B*tch Goat from Hell as I affectionately called her.
Well Limo is definitely fearful of little kids. But she's also fearful of manure piles that have been piled oddly so really she's just a wimp. She did finally warm up to Camden though and learned that not all kids are bad.

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lester is comic genius