Thursday, April 3, 2008

Late night with Ronnie...

Talk about dedication! I love my farrier, Ronnie Deboard. Less pulled his shoe off last Friday and Ronnie was supposed to come out this Friday to put it back on, but his wife warned him about *Friday Traffic* and so he called me at 7pm last night and said he was coming tonight! So I went back to the barn about 8:15 and Ronnie got there around 9:45 :-o He drug his daughter along who I don't' think was much company because she had her phone and was texting, lol. But they hit no traffic and were able to drive straight through- it took him an hour and 45 mins to come tack on 1 shoe :-x He said it would cost me $60, but I paid him $75 because I just appreciate him so much. It's not like we had show or anything, he just needed the shoe back on.
It was such a fluke shoe pull too. Less was wearing bell boots and didn't step on his heal or anything, just the shoe that wasn't even sticking out far! Bad horse! but he's so sweet and cute so I forgive him :-)
I pulled Lester's mane last night while I waited on Ronnie. Poor guy doesn't much like it. He arches his neck weird and his eyes bug out and he puts his head on my shoulder and looks at me like "Why?!!! Whatta I do??" But beauty is everything and it is a necessary evil! I try to make it as pleasant as I can with scratches in between, carrots and peppermints and doing very little strands at a time- YANK! :-) Last night I didn't do much yanking though, I have a blade comb and clippers and I was able to hack off a bunch of it.

Less was selected once again as a horse model:-) This time he got to have a photo shoot with both vets. Sigh, I knew I should have pulled his mane this past weekend :-x
I "touched up" his mane in Corel paint, but it was too late, the pic had already been sent to the magazine...

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greytblackdog said...

No worries. He has the natural look. That's what Clyde has. I like it that way. This way he looks all wild and eager out in the pasture.