Monday, April 7, 2008

Mamma's got a brand new bag!

I don't' normally get excited about purses nor do I usually buy one- my friend Laura has kept me in good supply over the years with her no longer wanted purses, but I finally thought it was time to BUY my own :-)
I purchased it at The Animal Rescue Site where you can buy such cute, cute, cute items and the purchases all go to feeding shelter animals. Each item has a "bowl amount" and tells you how many bowls of food the item is worth.
My new bag fed 28 bowls of food. Cost to me was $26.95 So the bag was made in China :-( bleh, but it is faux leather so that's good. So far so good with it, I can fit a lot of crap in it as you can see what I usually carry (the camera would be in the pic to, but ya I'm taking this pic with it ;-) I also have answered more phone calls recently because it has a cool little spot for my phone so it no longer gets lost in "bottomofpurseland". They have a Satchel type of purse too with the cute paw prints so check them out!!! Looks like black is the only color left, that's what I have!

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Maximus said...

meant to tell you today that I love the purse! it's really cute