Monday, February 18, 2008

Twitches are tools of the devil :-o

Ever hold a crazy horse for a nose/ stomach tubing? I did on Saturday :-x The barn owners' horse, Chase was sick and was also colicy. He had 103 tempature and was just blah feeling and wouldn't eat his dinner. I have held countless horses for this tubing procedure, mine as well as strangers' horses not ever have I almost been killed while doing so. Thank goodness the vet told me to stand to the side. As soon as the vet got the twitch on and touched Chase's nose with the tube he FLIPPED out and yanked the twitch out of my hand and flew backwards. OK, I wasn't expecting that, I'll be ready this time. So the vet gets the tube in where it needs to be and everything that needed to be pumped in and out...and I guess Chase freaked out when the vet started to pull the tube out because the next thing I know I'm thrown 10-20 ft backwards and all I can see or think is this crazy horse is going to trample me. Thank gawd he bolted towards the barn and AWAY from me. I also remember the twitch being thrown 50+ft in the air and landed several seconds 2ft behind Matt and Limo. My left arm is bruised, I think the twitch nailed me in the arm, but the vet said he also thought Chase's hoof caught me when he reared as well... The twitch that was used was heavier wood and longer, but this gives you an idea. I am bruised and sore, I feel like I've pulled every muscle in my arms... thankfully Laura did the stalls yesterday because I wasn't moving so great.

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