Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blown Away!

That title can describe the kind of day it was (very windy) and how I feel about Lester! The wind gusts were 25 to 40 mph and I rode him anyway. He didn't bat an eye at anything, the trees were blowing hard and he didn't shy once! We did walk, trot and canter both directions. He was soft in my hands and willing as can be, in fact I haven't worn riding gloves in a week now, he simply just doesn't pull anymore. Sure he's still a bit stiff to the right, but it is no where near as bad as it was... I rode him on Friday and he was a perfect pony then too. His canters were absolutely amazing, I could have cantered him forever, he was round, "up" and working off his hindend. I have always loved his canter, when we showed way back when he used to score a couple of "8's" back in the dressage show days;-) I even asked him to canter a couple of sepentines on his left lead which is difficult on a horse because this can really throw them off balance and they will swap leads or break to the trot. He didn't falter:-) After a ride like that was it possible I could love, enjoy and appreciate him more? Yes! I also rode him up the driveway for our cool down. We have an Event to get ready for, we are part of the equestrian greeting committee next Friday for a rehearsal dinner at the farm and then again for the Wedding in 2 weeks. We just get decked out in the show gear and smile and point to where the guests need to park. I hadn't taken him around the farm in a while so we needed some practice. He was a little tense going over the bridge, he almost felt like "ok I should be spooking now, but..."- it's like not in him anymore to spook. I know he will spook again at something, but it's not at *nothing* anymore :-) We got over the bridge fine and he relaxed some. The funny thing is when we turned around and headed back towards the barn he relaxed even more and was slower than he was going up the driveway.
Tomorrow marks 1 year since Lester had his colic surgery! I'll of course have alot more to say on that subject.
This photo is from John and Laura Parker's wedding in 2004, Less and I preforming one of our Equestrian Greeting committee duties...

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Serena said...

What a great photo! And congratulations on Less's 1-year anniversary!