Monday, May 12, 2008

It's been a YEAR!

TODAY marks 1 year since Lester had his life saving surgery! I have to admit this makes me both ecstatic and a little nervous...I just don't want to jinx us. This year with Lester has been incredible and amazing, it was like getting to know him all over again and I am thankful for every day we are given now. It took me almost losing him to wake my ass up and appreciate him for well him! As we got closer and closer to this date I started to worry some, something this time last year caused him to colic. I know the vets said nothing I did made him colic and that it's something that just happened, but it's my nature to over think things. Less had lots of hurdles he had to pass and one of the big ones was time! VERY HAPPY 1 YEAR LESTER, HIS FIRST REBIRTHDAY!
If you're curious and haven't done so already you can scroll to the bottom and read about that fateful day or you can click here and read all my posts on the Ultimate Dressage BB as things happened... my username is LESSISMORE17 ;-)

I just can't even express in words how happy and thankful I am and how much I LOVE this guy!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Happy 1st Re-Birthday, Lester.


cdncowgirl said...

Congrats!! Happy re-birthday Lester :)

I'd suggest you get him some flowers, but after looking at yesterdays post I think he'd eat them (mmm.... yummy, bride's bouquet!)

greytblackdog said...

I'm so Happy Less has celebrated his first re-birthday. A very happy day indeed. I can't wait to meet him and see his tongue trick in person on Saturday!

Stephanie said...

Great post! An congrats on your anniversary and successful surgery!

A second chance is such a priceless thing.

Anonymous said...

Yea!! It's a Great milestone to reach this one year mark. The pictures of the big boy are wonderful. Liked the "greeter" ones too. Who says I never post.