Wednesday, May 7, 2008

*Muscle* Sheet

So a blogger recently asked me what benefits I thought, if any, came from using the Magnetic sheet on Lester. The description from the link sounds magical, but I did a little more research on magnetic therapy and found this. Not too impressive :-/ Like I said before, I bought this sheet a long time ago and have just now started to use it. I'm not convinced it does *nothing*, it still looks *hott* on him;-) see pics for ref. IMO though, you could probably spend $180+ on something more beneficial to your pony...
I might not use it as religiously anymore, just throw it on him from time to time when I want to show off his muscles (pronounced "musk-ells").

A friend of mine recently brought up B-L Pellets for her older, lameish horse. It's main ingredient is Devil's Claw , a natural pain reliever. In fact the Horse Journal says it can be as effective as bute! So I have put both Lester and Polo on these pellets, it smells herbalicious and they ate it right up. I have had Lester on Supple Horse, a Chinese herb, recommended by his massage/ chiro therapist. I do think it helped, BUT I am really excited to try the B-L Pellets as it gives pain *relief*. Plus I can order the pellets online or buy them from local tack stores- we have 2 in our town now!:-o

Lester the PonyMan has been FABULOUS these past few rides. He is forward without me having to do any encouraging. Even at the walk he is *marching* and striding out on his own. I know I shouldn't dare say this, but this guy has been solid and hasn't spooked in, IDKwhen!
Yesterday he thought about spooking and then was like "oh that's nothing"! I was so proud of him :-o He did trip 2-3 times and lose his hind end, so much one time that it threw him into the canter, but for the most part he was super round and soft. His canters have been amazing. I've been doing canter from the walk transitions to strengthen his hindend some, cuz they have to kinda *sit* for it and power off their haunches. We have done hill work too, but only at the walk for now.


cdncowgirl said...

*whispering so as not to "jinx" anything* yay Lester!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I still think you should try some acupuncture on him! Free is chi or something. :-)


cdncowgirl said...

My friend's aunt does Reiki on her dad's TWH gelding (coddled heal syndrome... not sure if I spelled that right!)
Seems to help him.

Ooooh fancy new look to the blog! :)

greytblackdog said...

Oh... love the new look for the blog. Very rico suave. Sorry - that muscle shirt reminded me of a bad 1990s song.

I'm a believer in some of those supplements. They really do make a difference.

cdncowgirl said...

greytblackdog: oh great, I'm pretty sure I know what song you mean and now its in my head!