Friday, May 9, 2008

Wittle noses...

Pony noses are just about the cutest things on the planet, they are like pathetic little elephant trunks....I snagged Lester another chocolate chip cookie from an office meeting...

This is Polo's fungus. It comes every year and stays from Spring till the end of Summer, really till the hot weather ends. We've tried just about everything on this damn fungus and I'm still ready to try anything. So now we will try Grandpa's Soap made with pine tar, suggested by a fellow blogger... Everyday I have checked Polo for ticks and have given him a good scratch, and I even had to *pop* some of the bumps -ICK! He didn't mind though! Gawd I hate ticks! I've only found 1 on Less so far and I check him everyday.

PLo's wittle nose! So cute. Oh here's a video of PLo walking, not too purty:-(

Well I didn't ride Less last night. I got to the barn and there was a storm threatening to hit so I just bit him up in the surcingle and side-reins and first just hill walked and trotted with him until I about broke my ankle so I put him on the lunge line and had him trot alittle by himself on the hill slope. Looked pretty darn sound too. He and Polo have been on the B-L Pellets 2 days now.

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Anonymous said...

yes. i want a cookie. hand over, toot sweet!

was a little bummed not to see lester tongue. i had hopes.