Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Greeting Committee

Lester and I have done this "greeting" job several times (wow and this time we got paid!). We stand at the front gate and wave to the people driving in. They wanted us up there starting our greeting at 6pm and I felt pressed for time :-x Kirsten and I agreed to not braid the horses manes because I wasn't going to have the time to do it coming from work and she wasn't going to have time coming from school...Too bad we didn't know the first person wasn't going to show up until 6:30! In order to stick with the color scheme I had to use a "hunter" pad which worried me the whole time. I felt like any minute his girth would start pinching sense part of the saddle billet was right next to his body. I also didn't get to really warm him up before heading up to just *sit* on his back. I had wanted to lunge him or work him a little bit to loosen up his back some. He was very good for the most part, did his job of mostly just having to stand around. Sometimes people have their windows down so you can talk to them and "greet" them, but most of the time not. One car drove in with some kids and the dad asked "Is this Dairy Queen"? I said, "No, it's the petting zoo, would you like to pet the horsies?" Course the kiddies did and they got out of the car, I had some sugar cubes in my pocket so I let them feed a couple to Less. Both horses were very good and stood like perfect gents, but a motorcycle went whizzing by and Less did turn to look at it, scared us all really, but luckily-he didn't-but if Less had swung his butt around more he would have just hit the car and not hurt the kids, would have scared mommy in the car, but that would have been better than stomping one of the kids. But again, Less just turned and looked, no harm done :-)
I sat on him for OVER an hour :-o and I don't even work him for that long! My left ankle was cramping and hurting and I know his back was getting tired. Less turned around and headed for the barn, he was done and so was I. At that point I hopped off, he got a bit jiggy and it certainly wasn't worth fighting over.

Me, Kirsten, Lester and Chase preforming our greeting duties
@one point the horses turned their heads and touch noses, but the "photographer" wouldn't take the shot cuz he said they looked "gay" :-x
Could have been a cute shot!

Pretty huh? I was asking him to step over closer to Chase

Perfect equitation:-)

Less is done:-)

Man I'm crooked!


cdncowgirl said...

Wow sounds like you guys worked hard :P lol

Even without their manes done you all look so elegant! One of the things I admire about english turnout. :)

ps-thanks for putting my blog on your site, I laughed when I saw "Horsies in Saskatchewan"

greytblackdog said...

You guys look so official and important. Little do the people in the cars know you can trample them at your will - or against your will - or at Less' will - whatever you want to think :). The power of the horse! LOL.

Us western riders are way too lazy to braid hair and get all dressed up. Just some jeans and a cute hat works for me. That way people don't expect too much from me :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Does anyone else find themselves wasting a lot of time at work reading, commenting, and posting to blogs :-)?