Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Got a light...bulb that is?

Limo had one on Sunday :-o and I don't mean a bright idea either- cuz it obviously wasn't! She came trotting out of the barn with <---that kind of light bulb in her MOUTH! I saw that she was holding something and I asked her what she had and she spit it out. The GREAT thing about Limo is that when she has an item of questionable nature she brings it into view almost to ask for approval. She's "asked" about a glove a horse brush and a hoofpick before and I of course told her those were no no items, but I thank her for bringing it to my attention. Now if it's a stick or a dog toy- stuffy or ball or whatever she doesn't feel the need to "ask" me. But man that could have ended so badly with the whole light bulb 8-o gosh what if she had chomped down?! Ugg, I don't want to think about it. I also am giving her the Medal of Honor because if *she* could reach it then any dog on the farm could! ;-)
Limo had freedom for a day and she loved it and was a perfect angel, no messes and nothing was chewed up. But we are babysitting a friend's greyhound for a bit and so back in the crate she had to go...poor Lim Lim. But she was NOT a gracious host and so back to the crate she went. I tried to be smart about the introduction this time. Gigi and Limo had met before, but she'd never been to our house. In usual greyhound form Gigi come in and felt pretty at home. She whined a bit here and there, but I think that's just her. We took the two girls for a walk, side by side and they ignored each other. Then let them in the backyard and they ate some poop together :-x ewwww This is why Limo gets "air kisses", I never know what she's going to put in her mouth!
So then we walked into the house together, both on lead and I fed Limo cheese as Gigi walked about the house checking things out. I think I need to spread the cheese out a bit more, she gobbled it all up in a matter of a minute or so, trying to take a finger along some of the time.
I did correct her some of the time, but not by throwing her on her side and making her submit, I just pulled her tail down or turned her away and made her face me. Then the pizza came so I put her in the crate and she growled and snarled the first 5 or 6 times Gigi came up to us on the couch and then it would turn into a pitiful whine. By the time she was let out to go potty she was so happy to be out that she paid little attention to Gigi. She slept in her crate and she wasn't happy about it. But this is good for her.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I don't recall Limo asking before she chewed on my $35 dumbbell.

Also, when distributing the cheese.... make it tiny. Little pea sized pieces are good. Might mix in a little kibble and alternate between cheese drops.


Denise said...

Only a "dummy" would pay $35 for a dumbbell :-)