Friday, March 14, 2008

Treat this...

Well last night was our first night with our new "treating" tactics. She loved this and her eyes about bulged out of her head and didn't notice Jetta until he tried to get one of her treats (he slipped out of Matt's grasp), but "it" never got out of control. It was never anger because of jealously it was, "Don't you dare try and eat my treat". Matt loved on Jetta and gave him a couple of treats while I tossed treats to the beast. I think for this to work it will have to be limited time and I'll have to be away from Matt and Jetta. The rest of the time she'll have to be in her crate. I realize now it wasn't good for me to be sitting on the couch while I threw her treats. hmmm guess we are all learning. It's odd to me that the dynamics are so different in the afternoons though. There seems to be no anger or jealousy when we first come home and let the dogs out and I think it's because Jetta is excitable and panting- in her eyes he's more of a threat and she's timid so she just puts on her happy face and tail and body- "What big teeth you have said lil Lim Lim"...and then I say, "My what big bat ears you have Limo"...

Pony man really needs a haircut.
As promised I hopped on the pony man last night and he was a good boy. Strong, stiff and quick, but good- he didn't spook at anything:-) . We only walked and trotted. My back was just as stiff as his and the canter would have sent my back into spasms. I couldn't keep up with his trot he was throwing my butt out of the saddle. We did some terrible turns on the haunches and pretended we were doing reining spins:-) oh wait, I think they were forehand spins, I can't remember.
Limo does two things now that Spooky used to do- she comes into the center with me sometimes when I lunge and lays down right in the middle of where Less and I are working (riding). Strange kinda, but I think Lim misses her "wondering" partner as we all do.
p.s I'm so glad the spell checker is working on blogger again:-)

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

"Strong, stiff, and quick".... hmmmm.

Glad the treat idea showed some promise. I think if possible its best that the extra dog doesn't know there are treats involved. Gradually move yourself to the couch, gradually less treat rolling. And yes, if you are not in the mood or you are tired of training, just put her away. You don't have to be perfect. Even if she catches you off guard just ignore what she does and roll the treat away.