Friday, March 28, 2008

Lester want a cookie??

Sterman turns 17 today. I snuck him an early b-day treat on Weds- we had a meeting at work that supplied us with giant cookies and I snagged Less one. He LOVES chocolate chip cookies, my favorite too!

Happy birfday Lester! I'm so glad you're still here to celebrate another one!

On an annoying note...Less pulled off his right front shoe yesterday while we were virtually doing nothing! He's been really stiff lately and tripping in the kind end again so I was taking it pretty easy on him and doing a lot of walking and just straight way trotting. Well our second trot set he ripped it cleanly off. My farrier is hours away and he's only had his new shoes 2 1/2 weeks! Major bummer...

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greytblackdog said...

Happy late birthday! I love feeding horses treats they wouldn't usually get. Chocolate chip cookies! YUM! He has good taste.