Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet Dreams....NOT

I've been having nightmares every night. Not reoccurring, they are all different. A few of them that I can remember and actually "explain" : Lester's foot fell off in one, another I was trying to escape from a slaughterhouse with the help of two people that were only setting me up to be caught and last night I woke up, well Matt woke me up because I was screaming "I'm going to F-ing kill you" (poor Jetta)- my sleeping habits have unnerved many a dog before:-/ But what else is there to say when a giant spider is clinging to your back? and at least I stayed in bed sometimes I jump out of bed screaming obscenities...and doing odd things o:-)
Spooky used to ALWAYS sleep with me when I first got her, but she too started to prefer the floor :-x In the last year every once in a while she would sleep in the bed with me and Matt would graciously take the couch without being asked. I would wake up the next morning and ask where he slept and he would say "Well Spooky was still in the bed with you and I wasn't about to make her move!" I think it's something she knew I wanted and liked and knew our time together was getting shorter. I loved it when I would turn over and sleep on my stomach and could feel her head or one of her long legs on my lower back- such comfort to me.

Oddly enough we had an OK night with Miss Limings (Limo) . I took the dogs to the farm with the dog handler (Matt) again so they were both pretty tired. Jen (big sis) is trying to help us with our raging beast, the fear protector. She really is a GOOD girl though. She waits to be told when she can eat. You put the food bowl down in front of her and she will look at her food and then look up at you "asking" if it's OK to eat yet. The word is OK and sometimes you have to tell her twice and the water faucet has to be off too- she won't believe you if it's not...She can be off lead in the front yard and be told to ignore cats, neighbors, cars and other dogs. She walks nicely on a leash and will sit on command though it takes a lil time cuz she has to swing out those hind legs.


greytblackdog said...

Nightmares suck. Someone once told me that taking B-12 or some other vitamin helps to avoid them by making your mind relax. I used to have night terrors when I was a kid. I'm sure it didn't help that my cousins took me to see Gremlins when I was just six years old. I don't think I slept for a year after I saw that movie.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Back when we both lived at home, I can recall when Teresa the greyhound developed a "phobia" to sleeping upstairs thanks to your nighttime escapades. Remember that? She reacted in the same manner during thunderstorms if we forced her to sleep upstairs. Eventually, she got over her fear when I just left my door open for her to come and go and she realized that normal people (me) don't do crazy things in the middle of the night :-).


Denise said...

Poor poor Teresa felt my night terror wrath the most:-( That's when I was going through a period where I would wake up screaming NO NO NO and slap my arms around. I'm sorry Super T, but at least Jen saved you...Uh Jen, you can't say you're too "normal" I remember a certain weirdo that "rocked" herself to sleep everynight up until the age of what? 17?!

Denise said...

gbd- Night terror peeps unite! My parents took me to see Poltergiest (sp) when I was um 4 or something
8-o I blame them! just kiddning. once I saw a cartoon on the wall, now that was a nice peaceful night terror.